Custom Metadata Type 

In Salesforce Creating Custom Metadata Type is similar as creating custom objects or custom settings.The records of a custom metadata type are themselves metadata, not data. Custom Metadata Type and it is records can be moved from one org to another org during deployment, unlike Custom Settings where only metadata is eligible for migration. Typically, Custom Metadata type is deployable, packageable, customizable, and upgradeable. The main advantage of Custom Metadata type is that it does not count towards SOQL queries limits for each APEX transaction. 

Build Reusable Processes 

Build Reusable Processes is a concept in which we can create a process that can invoke another process using process builder. Using this technique, we can save our time considerably by invoking the other process inside our own process to reuse the sections which are already available instead of creating new sections. We can call this “invocable” process in multiple processes or in multiple action groups of the same process. 

 Troubleshoot Process Builder using Debug Logs 

A Debug Log is used for System Process, record database operations, and errors. The errors will occur when executing the transaction or running unit tests. Using Debug Logs, we can find detailed information about your running processes when they complete. We will discuss below as to how to troubleshoot the process using debug logs. The information from actions triggered by time-based workflows do not include in the debug log. 

Tooling API

Tooling API is used to fetch the metadata such as Apex classes, Apex triggers, custom objects, custom fields, etc. If we need to get the list of Custom Objects or Custom fields, there is no need to manually gather the details from the whole SF organization. Instead, we can get it with the help of Tooling API SOQL. Tooling API came as a part of Spring' 13 release. 

Wave Dashboard Designer

The Wave dashboard designer provides a quick and easy way to create responsive dashboards for any device. You can create a dashboard either by using the predefined templates which contain empty widgets (without the steps, sections and color scheme) or by using your own layout by choosing the blank template option.

Service Wave App in Wave Analytics

Service Wave App is the first native analytics app for Salesforce users. It combines the trusted power of Service Cloud with valuable insight from Wave Analytics Platform. Service wave App is designed for service agents and their managers. It includes pre-configured templates, visualizations and workflows, taking advantage of the recently unveiled Lightning Console to present information in a visually productive layout. 

Field Service Lightning

Field Service Lightning (FSL) enables businesses to unite customers, connected devices, agents, dispatchers, and employees in the service field with one powerful service platform that delivers a seamless customer experience with field service. 

Salesforce Inbox

Salesforce IQ Inbox is used to combine email inbox and Salesforce data together in one place. This makes us easy to update pipeline and log sales activity. This Salesforce inbox is supported with Gmail and Microsoft Exchange.


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