Wrapper class with multi-select picklists


A wrapper or container class is a class, a data structure, or an abstract data type which contains different objects or collection of objects as its members. 

A wrapper class is a custom object where the wrapper class properties are defined. Consider a custom object in Salesforce. It contains different fields of different data types. Similarly, wrapper class is a custom class which has different data types or properties. As per requirement, we can wrap different object types or any other types in a wrapper class. 

QA Complete -- Test Management Tool


QA Complete is a Test management tool that can be used for both manual and automated Testing. It is a tool with powerful test management capabilities that allow us to track all aspects of software quality in an efficient manner. QA Complete supports all aspects of test process and ensures the delivery of high quality software 

Use Composite API Instead of Apex Rest Class


             Salesforce introduced a new feature in Spring ’17 called Composite AP. This API provides an option to make multiple combined Callouts to the Salesforce, and we can refer the values between each node in the body request. For Example, if an account was created by using the REST API call and If you want to create 10 Contacts upon the creation of the Account, you must write a trigger in the Account but by using the composite API, you can create the Contacts along with the Account in a single API call. 

Evaluating Web Services using SOAPUI


The Web Services play a vital role in Salesforce development. After developing these Web Services, it is important to properly test whether the services are working fine or not.  


SOAPUI is one of the open source cross-platform API Testing tool. It allows users to execute automated functional, regression, compliance, and load tests on different Web API. 

SOAPUI supports all the standard protocols and technologies to test all kinds of APIs. We can test both Web Service (SOAP) and Web API (REST) and the standard and custom web services using SOAPUI. 

Let us see how to use the SOAPUI to test the salesforce WSDL. First, we need to get Enterprise WSDL from Salesforce. It allows you to easily integrate with your applications 

Mapping Contact Properties between HubSpot and Salesforce


HubSpot is a Marketing and Sales software. This CRM gives the power to manage all contacts and deals efficiently. HubSpot can be integrated with Salesforce and the contacts can be imported and synchronized. Adjust the HubSpot contact properties to reflect the changes from one system to another. This tool helps us track leads and acts as a bridge between marketing database and sales database.   

JavaScript Remoting  


JavaScript Remoting allows you to communicate with the controller without posting the form asynchrously. It asynchronous AJAX requests  asynchronous AJAX requests  asynchronous AJAX requests will provide maximum efficiency and performance of the Visualforce page, and it is the most efficient way of calling the controller. It provides more responsive experience in both Mobile pages and web pages. 

Once the user clicks the button, the controller method can be called through JavaScript. In JavaScript, we can include any validation if needed. After the controller method gets executed, we will have callback function which returns the response or status of the request.  

Introduction to Git and Jenkins

 Introduction to Git :

Git is the distributed version control system. It allows us to have “versions” of a project and tracks the changes made to the code over the time. Also, we can compare two versions and undo the changes if necessary. Git plays a vital role on larger projects in which more than one developers are working on the same project. 



Exploratory testing is one of the ‘Experience based testing’ specifications as per the definition of ISTQB. The term Exploratory says that discovering the defects during testing. Once we have learned the entire system with our continuous engagement of project and large domain experience, we would know the mindset of the end users and will work accordingly. So, exploratory testing overtakes the scripted testing, because in the scripted testing we can play as per the scripted design alone.

While in Exploratory testing, the testers can play out of the box roles. Exploratory testing is a testing methodology in which software testers are involved with minimal amount of time spent on designing the documents (test cases, test planning … etc.) and maximum amount of time spent on the test implementation.


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