Work-Relay (Processes and Forms)


Work-Relay combines all features and capabilities of business project management tools in one unified toolset. The processes are well structured in work coordination among individuals or systems. You can manage even the most complex processes easily and produce optimized outcomes with its flexible process engine. It uses several rules that execute the processes dynamically and unique visualizations are available. It provides a flexible way to create customized versions of the core engine to meet the specific business needs of your organization.

Work-Relay is a managed package which can be downloaded from AppExchange and installed in your Salesforce org. Work-Relay is a paid app.

Mass Update + Mass Edit + Mass Delete in Salesforce

Mass Update + Mass Edit + Mass Delete is an Unmanaged Package Application which is used for performing the Multiple updates, edit, and delete operation at a time. This application is available in the AppExchange Marketplace. It is specially Developed the Salesforce platform. This application works great for Standard Salesforce objects.

Run Script After Sandbox Creation and Refresh

As an Administrator, you will create or refresh sandbox from production very often for various purposes. Typically, Salesforce Administrators go through a series of steps every time a sandbox is created or refreshed. In Winter’16, Salesforce introduced this feature and it makes your sandbox environment business ready, automates data manipulation or business logic tasks. This feature provides the ability to auto run an Apex Class once the Sandbox is refreshed /copied. 

MST Gearing Up for the 2017 Walk for Homeless Families & Youth

With only a week away, 6 days and 10 hours to be exact, MST Solutions is gearing up for the 2017 Walk for Homeless Families & Youth! This event is being held at the Phoenix Zoo and supports UMOM’s vision of “breaking the cycle of homelessness” in Arizona’s largest county, Maricopa.

As a local company, we understand the importance of supporting our community and donating our time to amazing non-profits such as UMOM. With more than 20 members of the MST family attending, we look forward to a fun-filled time that benefits so many in the valley.

Secretary of State, Michele Reagan, empowers Arizona’s women in technology

As women in a male dominated industry we face the challenge of overcoming the perception that our gender is a deficiency. Recognizing that this misconception not only comes from outside influences, but more commonly (and infuriatingly) from our own internal 'Imposter Syndrome’ dialog, our leader, Thiru Thangarathinam, has devoted a considerable amount of time and resources to ensure that the women of MST Solutions see past the constraints of gender and embrace ourselves as powerful, smart and capable members of the workforce.

Lightning Component Bundle 

Lightning is all about components. We can build applications by assembling components created by us and other developers. A component can contain other components, as well as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other Web-enabled code. This enables to build apps with sophisticated UIs.  


One of the common issues we face is not having a stable network connection or running out of the internet data. What if we can access Salesforce without internet connection? Yes. Salesforce provides a cool feature called Connect Offline which does the magic for you. Let's look at the overview of what the Connect Offline does. 


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