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An empowering culture with a unified purpose.

Our diverse culture drives our exceptional brand

At MST Solutions, our culture comes from embracing each team member’s unique contributions. We look to honesty, kindness and integrity as the drivers in our organization’s success and provide a safe place where everyone belongs. As a result, employees are empowered with the confidence to make a difference and grow together both professionally and personally.

Connected across the continents

We don’t let our multinational expanse determine our internal strength. We pride ourselves on our collaboration (we work together), consideration (we listen to each other) and contributions (each one of us has something to give). No matter where we are in the world, at MST Solutions, we’re one big family!

Building a Better Community Together

MST Solutions is dedicated to doing our  part in building a more just and kind world by investing in our communities. Each quarter, team members are encouraged to make a difference through volunteering and donating at community and public events, donation drives and on an individual basis.

Whether it’s through empowering women entering the workforce to food bank assistance to choosing organizations that matter to us personally, we’re passionate about assisting the underserved in our communities.

From outreach to mentorship, we're dedicated to bringing people together. See the activities and events we participate in and how they drive the MST culture.

Breaking down barriers

Because we thrive on collaboration, our offices are designed with open workspaces, eliminating walls that break up the workflow or segment us from one another. We also know how to take a break! We enjoy the on-tap cold brew coffee, massage chairs, expansive lounge areas, a game of ping pong or video games!


The tech company maintains its culture while doubling its employees size through rapid growth
Proud Local First member, Thiru Thangarathinam, founder and CEO of MST Solutions, prides himself in becoming Arizona’s largest partner.