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Posts by Aishwariya

In Spring ’17 Release, Salesforce has introduced seven new SAQL aggregate functions as measures to lenses in Wave. The new SAQL aggregate functions are  First(),  Last(), Median(), Stddev(), Stddevp(),  Var() and Varp().
The Global picklist value set are independent and reusable. We can use a single picklist in many custom picklist fields. Global picklist helps us to share picklist values throughout all the objects by letting us create picklist fields based on a default list of values.
The main function of a testing team is to determine maximum number of bugs during testing, so that the product will be defect free and the quality of the product is not compromised for any reason.
Salesforce Launched a new feature called Utility Bar available during the Creation of the Lightning App in Lightning Experience. In Spring’17 release, The Utility Bar can be easily accessed from the areas such as Recent Items and Reports, Lightning Voices & Notes etc. 
Question-to- Case is a feature that allows moderators to escalate an unresolved question to a Case. This feature can be used in Chatter and Communities.
qTest is a test case management tool. It is a product of Symphony. qTest Manager tool is used for test case management. In this article, we can go through importing test cases into qTest. 
Field service is used for providing customer support in an efficient way. With Field Service, we can streamline the entire organization and provide best customer service in a single platform.
In general, Apex help to get all the picklist field values regardless of record type of on sObject, but the values can be retrieved using the schema class. 
The Salesforce Analytics Cloud provides powerful insights into the data by integrating with Salesforce data and external data sources like CRM, ERP, and CSV files. Analytics cloud has four major components: Datasets, Lenses, Dashboards, and Apps.
Are you trying to abort a running job in a production instance and recreating as same as before while deploying?