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Posts by Ramar Arumugam

SEO –Search Engine Optimization, the goal of this article is to discuss the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization techniques so that anyone can build the strategy to bring more traffic to their website. Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your site listed up in search results which are actually getting your site indexed by a search engine.
Before starting Performance testing activities, a detailed plan should be created that will help how performance testing will be done from a technical perspective and business perspective. Here will describe the performance test planning steps and explanations for each.
If we want to do the basic operations like Create, Update, Delete and View records from Salesforce in .NET Console Application, it can be achieved by using REST API and DeveloperForce.Force in Visual Studio.
A new and modern grooming technology in IT industry is IoT (Internet of Things). The term Internet of things defines that internetworking of physical devices and those physical devices are embedded with electronic instruments connected to the Internet.
Service Wave App is the first native analytics app for Salesforce users. It combines the trusted power of Service Cloud with valuable insight from Wave Analytics Platform. Service wave App is designed for service agents and their managers.
Android devices are most commonly used among the customers worldwide. Customers need quicker access to their data. For such needs, there comes a feature called Wave Analytics for Android using the common Mobile Device Management (MDM). Wave analytics has Read-only dashboards on the mobile and it can support Apps, dashboards, and lenses.
JQuery templating is a fast and efficient technique to render client-side templates using a JSON data source. It refers to the client-side data binding method with the JQuery.
The shortest definition of Cloud Computing is accessing remote computer resources via TCP/IP over the public internet where resources are provided “as a service” over the network to users. Nowadays, cloud computing is an emerging technology in which the architecture
Google cloud messaging (GCM) is a service provided by google for android developers to send data to their android applications. Likewise, sending message from applications to server is also possible in this service.
We have come across with various types of testing methods and approaches in our projects. It is my pleasure to discuss important and key aspects of new approach called “Exploratory Testing”.