Salesforce Integration

Optimize Your Dataflows with Replication

Replication is a feature available in Wave Analytics and is used for decoupling the data from your dataflow. This feature allows you to extract data on a separate schedule. By scheduling the extracts, the dataflows have less to do and run faster. When you enable the replication option, then you can identify any additional actions that are available for the replication.

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Wave Analytics for Android

Android devices are most commonly used among the customers worldwide. Customers need quicker access to their data. For such needs, there comes a feature called Wave Analytics for Android using the common Mobile Device Management (MDM). Wave analytics has Read-only dashboards on the mobile and it can support Apps, dashboards, and lenses.

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PMD (Standard Rule Customization)

Programming Mistake Detector (PMD) is one of the source code analyzer tools available in the market. PMD detects empty catch blocks, unnecessary objects and common programming mistakes like unused variables etc. It supports Java, JavaScript, Apex and Visualforce, XML, PLSQL, and XSL. 

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