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Posts by Santhosh

Now a day, the businesses constantly look for modern trend/environment to collaborate with clients and have the need to integrate their existing enterprise systems with the Cloud based service such as Salesforce platform.
Cinnamon is an automation framework designed for Salesforce. It provides a set of functionalities that allow you to build and run Selenium tests for GUI-based integration, end-to-end, and browser-compatibility testing.
The Chargent Payment process is a Salesforce native credit card / ACH payment solution for a One-time billing OR Recurring billing. Chargent supports more than 30 payment gateways like PayPal, authorize.Net etc.
This is a brief introduction to application integration and ActiveMQ. Before we see how ActiveMQ helps in integration, let us see why we need integration and what some of the challenges of integration are. is a cloud-based Corporate Performance Management tool that allows employees collaborate with others for effective goas setting, performance review, and feedback, by eliminating traditional performance reviews.
The article is based on standard reports strategies being used in Salesforce. By using the standard reports, the below functionalities are going to be tested.
With the rapid evolution of businesses across the world today, one of the key challenges all the businesses face is capturing duplicate data systematically and maintaining high-quality data.
The way the web applications are developed is changing over the time. Most of the changes were revolved around the how the various components in MVC (Model View Controller) pattern is distributed between the Client and Server.
The Salesforce Streaming API is a simple way to push relevant data to the users in real time, instead of having to refresh the screen to get new information.
For most industries, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are consider core systems, powering Sales and Customer Service and other key functions.