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Posts by Venkata

Preparing data in Wave Analytics just got a whole lot easier. Data Prep is a brand-new feature in Wave Analytics to create a new dataset with a combination of two existing datasets or different sources.
As women in a male dominated industry we face the challenge of overcoming the perception that our gender is a deficiency. Recognizing that this misconception not only comes from outside influences, but more commonly (and infuriatingly) from our own internal 'Imposter Syndrome
Whenever possible, try to use the declarative or standard feature such as Approval Processes, Visual Flows, and Workflows because these components are already fully optimized by the; therefore, it won’t count against most of the governor limits but in some cases business may need complex logic; then we can go for the programmatic features.
ETL is a powerful and popular tool for migrating or transforming data that doesn’t change often. There are a lot of ETL tools in the market for data extraction and they will work only for the data sets that don’t often change. In other words, ETL doesn’t work well if the volume of the data is high and if the data changes often dynamically
That’s right. Yep, another acronym to place in your memory vault. H.E.D.A stands for “Higher Education Data Architecture.”
Writing this as my week old son is falling asleep and this is one of those opportunities that I feel too giddy to to pass out on. It's sharing time...
According to Forrester Research survey Document Management (DM) capability will be the most heavily invested content management through 2014. So let’s discuss how Document Management correlates to the world of CRM.
This is a brief introduction to application integration and ActiveMQ. Before we see how ActiveMQ helps in integration, let us see why we need integration and what some of the challenges of integration are.
CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration also known as Computer Telephony, and enables us to manage phone calls through a computer. It can be used in call centers to redirect calls to right department and also in our home computer to make phone calls.
In the limited time I spent assisting new clients implementing Salesforce CRM, one of the things that have consistently surfaced is the lack of clarity to initiate an evaluation and engagement process with Salesforce and its Implementation Partners.