Integrating CRM with CMS


Salesforce is one of the cloud-based software solutions for businesses and the world’s most well-known Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. It helps us improve relationship and understanding with our customers.

Bubble Chart in Lightning Component 

A normal table has two dimensions. A bubble chart gives a three-dimensional representation of multi numeric data. They allow comparison of entities based on their relative position and size. The X-axis and Y-axis represent different numeric data. The position of the plot is a representation of two numeric data and the area of the plot indicates the magnitude (third numeric data). 

Google Tag Manager


GTM replace the multiple tags with a single Container tag and afterwards arrange and “fire” individual tags as appropriate based on business rules.

Salesforce BigObjects 


BigObject is a new type of object that allows us to store and manage large amounts of data on the Salesforce platform. The most important thing is that they do not count against the storage limit.

PutsReq with Outbound Messages 

Outbound Message feature is used to send data from Salesforce to the other systems based on workflow or approval process. SOAP messages can be sent to external systems using this action while integrating Salesforce with other systems. Using PutsReq, which is used to record HTTP requests and fake responses, we can test the Outbound Message. For example, we have configured workflow rule and the outbound message, and we would want to make sure that outbound message is triggered after meeting the workflow evaluation criteria and rule criteria. We can even test format and structure of the message being sent. It is advisable to test the outbound message and what payload has been delivered to the external system.


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