Client Impact Story

Case Study: Teaching Channel

Implementing an automated flow to achieve lead capturing, segmenting, scoring and nurturing

First, the client and their unique needs

The Teaching Channel is dedicated to helping teachers hone their craft through professional development services founded on their proprietary professional development platform. They partner with K-12 school districts and schools and occasionally with higher education institutions. They use Salesforce for sales and partnership management. They needed a health audit performed including fixing their lead generation processes and partnership management.

Business Challenges

The system had various managed packages and sales processes that were not functioning properly. Personnel were still using spreadsheets to track important information relating to the partnerships and they had a constant challenge of getting valuable insights on the usage of their platform by their partners. Additionally, compliance with data standards and various conflicting processes created a data quality issue.

Our Solution

The first phase was dedicated to fixing known issues in lead generation, routing and assignment processes. We then standardized and automated processes in the opportunities object to free-up administrative time and planning for their subscription renewals. Using best practices and leveraging core Salesforce components, we accomplished this first phase.

The Results

Clear lead sourcing and routing to the most appropriate sales personnel.

Automating sales processes to mitigate error and administrative time.

Enhancing information and providing visibility for other internal stakeholders.

MST Solutions analyzed and fixed the root causes of lead generation and source tracking, as well as automated facets of the Sales processes. The next phase will enhance the capability for The Teaching Channel engagement team in managing the existing partnerships has with K-12 districts and schools.