Client Impact Story

Improve manual inefficiency to get a better view of their enterprise

Legacy intake form and database converted with ease to Salesforce

First, the client and their unique needs

A renowned nonprofit organization focusing on autism research and resources that provide lifetime services for individuals and their families world-wide. They were using multiple page PDF intake forms, which then had to be manually input into an Access database, which itself was difficult to use.

MST Solutions faced challenges that included migrating all data into Salesforce Cloud, enabling the nonprofit to minimize manual data input, and have a 360 view of their clients. Through out-of-the box thinking, the task accomplished as well as ensuring no more invalidated data went into their new Salesforce platform. Now they can also visualize their entire organizational business at the click of a mouse

Business Challenges

The nonprofit’s paper intake forms required data entry into an Access database, without validation. MST faced the challenge of cleaning that amount of data and modifying the data structure to better align with the Salesforce end model without losing important data along the way.

Our Solution

As MST has worked with other large nonprofits in large Salesforce implementations, we created an online intake form so that the data entry process was greatly diminished prior to populating the Salesforce database. Now Salesforce manages program enrollment using opportunities and sales path. Salesforce also provides the nonprofit a 360 view of their business.

  • Converting Access database to Salesforce
  • Modifying the data structure to align with Salesforce
  • Ensuring integrity of old data
  • Creating online form with validation rules for user’s ease and elimination of manual input
  • Setting up Salesforce so that the nonprofit can use its sales pipeline and cloud prediction features
  • Enabling the nonprofit to view all client data as well as their own business

Technologies Used


Sales Cloud

Nonprofit Success Pack

The Results

Better data quality,

Improved visibility on clients

Easier data entry

Improved employee efficiency

Overall, the autism research and resource nonprofit organization and MST utilized the flexibility of the Salesforce platform to implement, modernize and ensure the integrity of their input process. Now the nonprofit has greatly improved visibility on their clients as well as throughout the business.

The nonprofit has saved a considerable amount of time due to the elimination of the legacy 13-page intake form. There is no further data entry into that form, and it takes no time from online completion until the data populates the database, as well as far fewer data inconsistency issues.