Client Impact Story

A future-proof & modern Salesforce migration experience

Rogers Corporation partners with MST Solutions for a Salesforce Lightning conversion that provides the best possible experience for its teams

First, the client and their unique needs

Rogers Corporation manufactures, markets, and sells advanced materials and components for a variety of applications and a wide range of industries throughout the world. Their products include elastomers, high frequency circuit materials, flexible circuit materials, molding materials, and composite materials.

Committed to delivering superior reliability, efficiency and performance, Rogers helps the world solve its most difficult material challenges. Having made significant investment into the Salesforce Classic platform over the years, Rogers was looking to solve one of its own transformational initiatives–migrating to the Salesforce Lightning architecture to significantly improve user experience, as well as access all the latest features and mobile functionality available. To accomplish this goal, Rogers teamed up with MST Solutions to get the essential tools and technology resources they needed. After successfully tackling the challenge, Rogers has a powerful new way to filter and visualize their work, using any device, that has led to improved user adoption, future-proofing their investment into the Salesforce platform.

Business Challenges

With the Salesforce Classic user interface nearing its end of practicable use, Rogers wanted to take advantage of the streamlined Lightning interface and all the latest Salesforce features, mobile functionality and better user experience. They needed to keep their existing Sales Cloud implementation untouched without interrupting existing data, customization, or functionality, including compatibility with the AppExchange products already in place. All they needed were the appropriate tools and Salesforce experts to complete the transition.

Our Solution

After learning about how Rogers was already using Salesforce and reviewing the organizations requirements, MST Solutions began the process of migrating existing data to the Lightning platform and recommending ways to replicate features that would not carry over to the new interface. MST also created a plan to properly rollout the new interface in phases and designed desktop and mobile experiences while making process improvements along the way. By utilizing the Services of MST Solutions to rollout the new Lightning experience for its teams, Rogers can drive even greater business value and productivity gains from the Salesforce platform.

Technologies Used

Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning

Sales Cloud

Introduced Console View for better user experience

The Results

Improved user interface – easier to use

Increased Salesforce user adoption

Setup for future success – can now take advantage of future Salesforce updates.

Better user experience for employees

Even though Rogers has a very mature instance of the Salesforce Classic platform with a variety of customizations and AppExchange products, the organization was able to embrace the UI transition and realize the full potential of Salesforce. The system is not only easier to use, it’s more robust and provides a modern experience for users, enabling them to more efficiently interact with customers. Additionally, the mobile features of the enhanced user interface are now enabled for the organization, allowing employees to check reports and dashboard and collaborate on Salesforce using their mobile devices. The reimagined Lightning Experience provides the best possible way for Rogers Corporation to perform all their necessary business functions through Salesforce. Partnering with MST Solutions has been key to understanding how much more Salesforce can benefit the business and create a framework for enhancements in the future.