Client Impact Story

Delivering better support for every customer

Industry leader in recycling and waste disposal services empowers its employees to create top-notch customer experiences

First, the client and their unique needs

This industry leader in domestic non-hazardous solid waste industry in North America manages large volumes of customer interactions each day. With an ever-increasing demand for waste management services, the company is making its systems smarter to meet growing business needs and bring more value to its customers.

The company decided to pursue the creation of a knowledge management system where employees could craft, publish and share knowledge, and customers could get intelligent, fast and personalized self-service online. Although plenty of software options were available for creating simple self-help websites, they needed a knowledge management service that would consolidate various data sources, enable exceptional customer service for its employees and decrease overall support costs. After reviewing the options, they decided to implement Salesforce Knowledge, a feature available through the Service Cloud application they were already using.

By partnering with MST Solutions and launching its new knowledge management system, the company was able to maximize the value of its existing cloud-based technology and empower its employees to create exceptional customer experiences.

Business Challenges

Knowledge management systems provide numerous benefits, including enabling innovation and improving process efficiency. But successfully implementing these systems can be a challenge. By utilizing the talent and expertise at MST Solutions, the client could better understand how knowledge base systems work and what types of articles would be needed to provide excellent service to their customers.

The company needed a knowledge management system that could provide a seamless experience for their customers. Although a small team within the organization had already started testing the feature internally, they needed to expand its functionality to share knowledge articles externally and integrate Salesforce with their AI-driven enterprise search tool. In addition, their existing instance of Service Cloud would need to be migrated to the Lightning Salesforce interface when the self-service portal was launched. This meant that the knowledge base would need to be developed within the Classic interface while staying compatible with the Lightning interface.

Our Solution

The solution to these challenges was to launch an end-to-end knowledge management tool that would house a formal and structured knowledge repository to serve accurate information to the right people at the right time and improve the creation and distribution of knowledge throughout the company. The tool allows for drafting of knowledge base articles, designating the article audiences, assigning permissions for internal and external groups and creates a feedback loop that helps content managers keep knowledge up to date. With a seamless integration between the enterprise search tool and Salesforce, the company could use multiple data sources to quickly serve-up personalized content recommendations to their National Accounts team, contact center agents and customers.

As the company was in the midst of a long term digital transformation project, our team had to carefully implement this feature as part of their Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning migration.

Technologies Used

Service Cloud

Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning


The Results

Increased customer engagement and trust

Easier for call center agents to respond to customers

Self service provided to customers make it easier to get help fast

Faster call center handle and resolution times

Increased ROI from Service Cloud

Reduced redundancies

As a result of implementing the knowledge management solution, the company has been able to maximize agent productivity, reduce contact center volumes and increase customer trust and engagement. Internal groups have a place to easily manage content and are less reliant on spreadsheets and siloed knowledge within specific departments. The solution also prevents internal and external users from being exposed on outdated information. Customers can now look up answers to their questions without calling support for help, reducing the number of customer service inquiries. By making full use of the knowledge base functionality they were already paying for, and with a little customization help from MST Solutions, the company was able to supercharge customer experiences and maximize the value of its Service Cloud application.