Client Impact Story


Salesforce Health Cloud Integration & Automation Provide Insights Across A Single System


MST has partnered with Community Wellness Ventures (CWV), a free-standing Mental Health and Disability Services Clinic located in Washington, D.C. to deliver a comprehensive solution for their growing business based on Salesforce Health Cloud. Using to unify data from disparate EMRs and automated processes previously tracked in spreadsheets, MST has enabled CWV to unify Consumer data across service lines, modernize and automate workflows, and realize efficiencies necessary to scale quickly.


Experiencing exponential growth, CWV saw its processes and system challenges becoming an impediment to more growth. Spreadsheet-driven processes, limited external/remote access options, and disparate primary data sources (two separate EMRs for separate service lines) created significant complexity in business workflows and made it challenging for staff to access the data they needed about key patient management data (status, scheduling, billing, etc.).

Also, like most other healthcare organizations, CWV has also had to adjust to the new realities that COVID-19 has introduced. The way CWV engages with their Consumers and interacts with staff has changed completely in 2020. Engaging referrers, patients, and service providers alike suddenly became even more complicated and required significant manual / offline efforts to keep the business running steadily.

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After collaborative design and ideation, MST Solutions implemented a solution centered on Health Cloud with key integrations and leveraging Community Cloud to broaden access to internal and external users alike. Health Cloud’s built-in data model quickly adapted to CWV’s Consumer care processes. The full journey of the Consumer is now tracked and centralized within Salesforce. from Consumers’ initial referral and intake, through handling of provider assignments and on-going care for the Consumers, and the eventual offboarding and aftercare support. The full 360 view on Consumers is now at CWV staff’s fingertips with Health Cloud acting as the connecting hub across multiple key systems.

The system leverages Salesforce’s core Lead Management capabilities for CWV’s Intake and Referral Solution. and ongoing care and appointment management is handled through out-of-the-box Health Cloud capabilities, allowing authenticated users to quickly gain insight into where a Consumer is in the lifecycle of care. Clinical data from two EMR’s, Antworks and Therap, is also integrated into the system, so the internal users are able to quickly and securely view select elements of clinical data efficiently. Additional integrations support other business processes for remote service sessions.

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Technologies Used

  • Health Cloud
  • Community Cloud


  • Antworks EMR & Practice Mgmt
  • Therap EMR


With Salesforce now acting as the centralized Consumer database, CWV is realizing new efficiencies such as streamlined processes and insights offered by real-time dashboards and reports to continue their rapid growth. Their integrated Health Cloud and Community Cloud solution is allowing them to deliver high-quality experiences to their Consumers, referrers (partners), and staff alike.

  • Disparate EMR data integrated for 360 patient view
  • Streamlined referral process
  • Business Growth Insights via Reporting / Analytics
  • Automated workflows

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