Client Impact Story

Leaving a legacy behind

ASLD leverages Salesforce for digital transformation

First, the client and their unique needs

Committed to investing in the governor’s cloud-first strategy and leveraging the Arizona Management System process improvement initiative, the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) turned to Salesforce and MST Solutions to initiate their journey to the cloud. Throughout the journey, ASLD was able to modernize its customer service and technology infrastructure, further expanding its capacity to fulfill the mission of serving Arizona’s multiple beneficiaries.

ASLD recognized the need to replace their paper-based processes with a modern, user-friendly solution that would give customers timely access to information. For employees, ASLD’s goals centered around processing efficiencies and information sharing. To achieve these outcomes, ASLD partnered with MST Solutions to evaluate their Salesforce platform licensing package based on current and future roadmap requirements.

Business Challenges

Prior to implementing Salesforce, customers were required to submit paper applications in person or via mail. They lacked online visibility into the status of their applications and requests, leading to a significant volume of phone calls, in-person visits and long wait times.

Applications were processed in a sequential fashion that increased information silos and delays in processing. With the customer and employee experience in mind, ASLD saw an opportunity to innovate the way it was providing services with a secure and highly reliable cloud-based platform.

Our Solution

Through a collaborative approach with agency leadership, subject matter experts, division management and the consultants, the project team scoped the land and leasing processes as a scalable solution that targeted substantial ROI for the agency. This evolution immediately enabled the agency to deliver saleable and consistent customer experiences in a way they couldn’t do before.

Approximately thirty unique application types were digitized to a branded web portal with a modern customer-centric look and feel. Aside from land and lease application processing built on Salesforce Service Cloud and Communities, the cloud solution included integration to the legacy ERP, document management system and several custom apps that provide project tracking for the commissioner’s office, Real Estate and Trespass divisions.

Technologies Used

Mobile availability for management and fieldwork

2 Legacy system data integrations

5 Legacy Screens retired

110 Users Launched

30 self-service applications implemented

58 Unique application workflows developed

40% reduction in foot traffic

70% reduction in information silos

25% reduction in application processing

The Results

1,300 lease applications located, organized, and migrated

6,600 accounts migrated

19,000 documents digitized

The solution helped ASLD to optimize and strengthen their service delivery capabilities on one of their core processes that directly support their mission. They are now better connected to their customers which allows them to more easily service and respond to their needs. Since the launch of the system, paper applications have reduced 95% and end-user adoption is at 98%.