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Case Study: Central Arizona Project (CAP)

Adoption and customization of Salesforce CRM to manage contact information, permissions, send mass email notices, and create mailings using MS Word mail merge.

Client Profile

Central Arizona Project (CAP) – CAWCD

Region: United States

Industry: Government

Business Needs

They frequently use mass email communication to send notifications to different segments of customers and external stakeholders about CAWCD issues and events. The process used was very manual, cumbersome and time consuming as they maintained their contact information in various spreadsheets and in Microsoft Outlook. They were not in sync between departments. As a result, CAP needed to develop a central repository of external contact information in Salesforce.

Business Challenges

User adoption and learning a process that is different from what they are used to, even if it is an effective solution.

Our Solution

Due to user-adoption concerns, we advised to not only provide solutions, but also to train its key users. We designed a customized Salesforce implementation with the ability to associate various contacts with multiple accounts, which serve as the various CAP departments. Results: Developed a custom “Account” and “Contact” de-duplicate functionality. The email distribution list was converted to merge templates and automate, when desired.


Cleansed and migrated central repository of external contacts.

Now have a consistent and seamless mass email system.

Develop training so the ease-of-use and user adoption would be maximized and implemented.