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Case Study: Make-A-Wish Foundation

MST Solutions provided a customized Salesforce solution with implementation and training for Make-A-Wish® International employees.

Client Profile

Make-A-Wish® Foundation International

Region: United States

Industry: Non-Profit

Business Needs

Build a customized Salesforce platform designed to increase collaboration and develop an efficient & standardized wish-granting system.

Create a network of communities for internal employees, donors, and volunteers utilizing Salesforce Customer Community Plus licenses for so every constituent can seamlessly collaborate across the globe.

Business Challenges

The system must have the flexibility to handle 40+ affiliates and their unique needs while still staying compliant with a higher-level Wish Granting process. The architecture must allow for end-to-end wish granting capabilities with support for cross-affiliate support, called Wish Assist. Extra security for the management of sensitive celebrity data. The Make-A-Wish® Cloud must be built alongside an existing Salesforce implementation used for Fundraising and should have the flexibility for its users to have access to one or both; creating an environment where multiple apps share the same data and objects for different reasons. Usability and branding for all of its users and constituents is also a top priority for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Our Solution

The first year: Implement a Salesforce Community for all internal users, develop Wish Cloud and on-board its first wave of affiliates, and pilot Volunteer Community.

The second year: Implement the Donor Community launch, Volunteer Community and refine Wish Cloud capabilities.

The third year: Completely roll out Wish Cloud, Fundraising Cloud and provide on-going support and customized improvements.


Reduce data entry time when granting Wishes, improve visibility and engagement by increasing the user satisfaction scores, and increase non-profit-make-a-wish capacity.


Create a robust Donor Community to allow reoccurring donors to manage their donations.

Launching Wish Cloud will all the entire wish granting process to be effective and efficient.

Develop a Volunteer Community to provide volunteers to participate in the wish granting process with self-service tools