Client Impact Story

Liveops Partners With MST Solutions For Seamless Integration Between Platforms

Seamless Integration Creates Amnesty Between Platforms- Saves Up To 6,000 Work-Hours Per Year


Liveops is a cloud-based virtual call center service headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 2000, the company pioneered the virtual on-demand call center workforce and provides flexible and remote-friendly customer service. With Liveops, clients gain access to an on-demand network of experienced agents ready to provide virtual call center and customer service solutions.


In 2020, Liveops set out on a mission to create a single source of truth for its agent records, which cover 10,000 to 20,000 independent contractors depending upon the time of year. In the past, agent rosters, which include data such as contact information, clients they serve, and payment records, were located across disparate systems—from internal call center and client platforms to Google, Excel, and SharePoint.

As the company grew and began to serve larger, enterprise-level clients, they knew they needed a way to streamline and track their agent data in one central location. According to Denise Ortiz, Senior Manager, Solutions Services, “As we continued to grow, this thorn in our side became harder to ignore. We needed better insights into our agents to gain visibility into key areas such as the hiring, training, application, and production processes, as well as learning why agents stayed longterm versus what caused attrition.”

Ortiz knew that they would never get over 20,000 agents by adding more support members to handle an ineffective system. “We want to retain our agents and keep them highly engaged. If we don’t understand why they’re leaving, we will never learn how to inspire them to stay.”

  • Blind spots in data impacted ability to analyze agent behavior
  • Potential of serious repercussions caused by data discrepancies
  • Lack of visibility into root cause of agent attrition rates
  • Time-consuming, manual processes
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Ortiz and her team began searching for a solution and chose Salesforce as their platform of choice. “Our sales team was using Salesforce, but we knew that we would have to customize it extensively for our specific purposes,” said Ortiz. “We had so much data that came from diverse sources and required a lot of integrations. There was no way we could do that ourselves—we needed a team of experts to help us.” After a thorough search, Ortiz found MST Solutions (MST), a leading CRM and marketing automation consulting provider. “We were looking for a team that would be willing to work with our needs and potential complexities,” she said. “MST was truly interested in what we were doing. They were willing to sit down with us to understand our challenges and goals, and create a solution that would work for our business.”

  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • MuleSoft
“MST took the time to truly understand our needs, and now we’ve been able to provide our company with a customized solution that’s built for Liveops, not just for any call center.”
Denise Ortiz
Senior Manager, Solutions Services

Value Created

  • Healthy tech ecosystem with a single source of truth
  • Freed up time and resources for higher leverage tasks
  • Created automated processes, improved agent and facilitator experience
  • Seamless integration with multiple platforms

A Dream Come True —A Solution That Truly Works

“We were in desperate need of a single source of truth for many years, and it’s finally here,” said Ortiz. “MST took the time to truly understand our needs, and now we’ve been able to provide our company with a customized solution that’s built for Liveops, not just for any call center.”

Ortiz and her team are now working with MST to create an agent service desk in Salesforce. “My company has no concerns because as soon as I said, ‘Oh yeah, my team from MST is going to build this,’ there was a sigh of relief,” concluded Ortiz. “I want MST around forever. They’ve given me the biggest feather in my cap because this has been a painful problem for many years. I can say with confidence that this has made me and my team a lot more important and influential at Liveops because we provided a solution that works, something that improves people’s experiences.”

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