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Luxury Custom Home Builder Makes Customers Feel Right At Home With Salesforce Crm And Marketing Cloud

Luxury Custom Home Builder Makes Customers Feel Right At Home With Salesforce CRM And Marketing Cloud


Starwood Custom Homes is an award-winning custom home builder headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. Founded by two brothers with a dream to help clients design, build, and live their dream, this custom home builder focuses on offering the highest quality craftsmanship coupled with an unmatched client experience.


Starwood Custom Homes (Starwood) has built a reputation for being the top luxury home builder in the valley. From personalized experiences to out of this world craftsmanship, Starwood is dedicated to treating every client as the star of the show.

Since its inception in 2012, Starwood has undergone rapid growth. Most of their initial business came from word of mouth as happy clients eagerly provided referrals. Starwood was becoming the go-to custom home builder in the valley. With all of the growth, the need to bring their marketing efforts in-house became clear to Starwood’s leadership team.

At the start of 2020, Cassie Vega, Head of Marketing, joined the team and brought a fresh, new perspective. “When I first joined, it was very clear as to why client’s chose Starwood time and time again. Starwood genuinely cares about each and every client. However, I saw the need for a more transparent, streamlined process for managing incoming leads, nurturing prospects, and tracking our client journey from start to finish,” said Vega. “I quickly identified areas that needed improvement, starting with a brand overhaul, new website design, and updating our marketing collateral.”

Vega then set her sights on a digital transformation for the company’s sales and marketing efforts, which were mainly handled manually before her arrival. “We were using spreadsheets and email communications to manage leads, which was not ideal,” explained Vega. “We needed a better way to track, pre-qualify, and organize all of our incoming leads and prospects.”

  • Manual lead handling
  • Inability to automate the lead pre-qualification stage
  • Difficult to follow-up on leads to determine their status
  • Lack of marketing insights and effective communication tools
How to Find the Right Technology and Partner for Digital Transformation in Residential Construction
Preparedness Guide for Digital Transformation in Residential Construction


The search began for a solution that could help guide them to the next level. After reviewing several vendors, Starwood chose MST Solutions (MST), a leading CRM and marketing automation consulting provider.

“We chose MST because they were organized, listened to our problems, and came up with innovative solutions that were tailored to our needs,” noted Vega. “Our team was really impressed at the amount of personalization and customization that MST offered after our initial meeting and consultation. The other companies we interviewed gave generic solutions, and their proposals and plans weren’t specifically tailored to us.”

“We chose MST because they were organized, listened to our problems, and came up with innovative solutions that were tailored to our needs.”
Cassie Vega
Head of Marketing Starwood Custom Homes

Value Created

  • Marketing automation and cloud-based CRM accessible on any device
  • Valuable sales and marketing insights
  • Positive and nurturing experience for leads, prospects, and clients
  • More time and resources to focus on higher leverage activities

A Transformational Experience

Starwood is now running on a fully automated sales and marketing system. Vega, who originally focused solely on the company’s marketing efforts, has found that her role has transitioned to include assisting on the sales side as well.

“MST has made a positive impact on Starwood’s success,” said Vega. “They’ve made my sales team’s life easier because everything is now automated and tailored to our current sales process. They’ve also made it possible for us to gain even better insight on our clients and analyze this valuable data to create a more comprehensive strategy within our sales process.”

Vega was also impressed with the support they received from MST, noting that, “MST went above and beyond for us. Their project managers, who were skilled in both sales and marketing, ‘spoke our language’ and supported us every step of the way.”

Starwood’s sales and marketing efforts have been completely transformed. By embracing innovative solutions that answered its organizational challenges, the company can offer an experience unlike any other, living up to the company’s mission of “family first.”

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