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Compass Platform Improves Collaboration

Microchip Technology Raises Team Efficiency And Performance


Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading semiconductor supplier of smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions. They’re committed to delivering quality products and building meaningful business relationships with their clients.


Microchip saw an opportunity to bring their instance of Salesforce Sales Cloud to an enterprise level solution, but, similar to many companies in the semiconductor industry, they had a unique set of challenges. Due to extensive testing requirements and long term projects, some sales pipelines took years to close. Their existing system did an adequate job of tracking these projects; however, information was still being lost to disparate systems and manual tracking. In addition, extensive training was needed to become proficient in their use, frustrating new hire onboarding efforts. This made it hard for new team members to ramp up quickly or get a full picture of the accounts they were stepping in to handle. Finally, Microchip’s tech stack was complex, in various stages of modernization, and had a lot of moving parts. It was vital that any integrations or Salesforce customizations worked seamlessly with their existing technologies and caused zero disruption to their operations. MST Solutions was selected as their consulting partner due to our extensive knowledge and expertise in Salesforce CRM application configuration, enterprise architecture, and system integration. As a team, we collaborated to define, develop and implement a new platform under the official name “Compass.”

Salesforce for Manufacturing
Collaborating Toward Success in the Manufacturing Sector


Compass was created using the full power of Salesforce Lightning and a suite of customized apps to bring the sales process fully into the cloud and integrate with their existing tech stack. It pulled together the full opportunity pipeline, project history, and vital operational data onto a single pane of glass. Einstein Analytics added predictive analysis to the sales dashboard to make custom recommendations for maximizing attach rates. Processes that were previously tracked manually, or existed in isolation, were brought into one location, simplifying the sales process and easing onboarding stress. Using integration software, accounts were kept up to date in real time and could be accessed globally.

In addition, careful change management was implemented to ensure buy-in across the enterprise and high adoption rates. Microchip had well over a thousand employees who would need to utilize Compass, so training was a key component to their digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Preparedness Checklist
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Technologies Used

• Sales Cloud Lightning
• Account and Opportunity Management
• Chatter Collaboration
• Integrations
• Middleware
• Quote Management
• Product Management
• Intelligent Knowledge Library
• Mobile Experience
• Outlook Integration
• Nintex
• Einstein Analytics
• Reports and Dashboards


During the client engagement training and onboarding process, more than 1,400 Microchip employees were onboarded to the new system. Microchip was able to achieve an 87% adoption rate for the new Compass platform. This fully customizable, scalable solution now provides better and more timely access to technical product knowledge, fostering collaboration and more effective communication throughout the organization. The seamless scalability of Salesforce Sales Cloud has supported Microchip Technology’s unique client engagement process. Partnering with MST Solutions helped accelerate the journey to delivering a unified customer experience their customers expect.

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