Client Impact Story

Housing and Community Development Department

Drastically Reduces Time to Market with New Self-Serve Forms


This state’s Housing and Community Development Department helps to ensure safe, affordable housing for veterans, seniors, young families, farm workers, tribes, people with disabilities, and those experiencing homelessness. The department’s manufactured and mobilehomes division manages the titling and registration of mobilehomes, manufactured homes, commercial modular, floating homes, and truck campers, while providing health and safety inspections and enforcing regulations that protect consumers. 


A variety of end users rely on the manufactured and mobilehome division’s titling and registration services, including contractors that build or renovate units, new and existing homeowners, and mobilehome park owners/operators. To title, register, or obtain a permit for a manufactured or mobilehome, these users need to submit various forms. 

Because the division used a custom system based on Java and .NET, adding or modifying a form involved time-consuming custom coding by developers skilled in these technologies, which are difficult to find in a tight labor market. It could take months to launch a few forms with dynamic flows to provide good user experience. 

End users also found the paper-based registration process unwieldy and the turnaround time was slow. Customers had to wait to receive their login credentials by mail before they could begin using the existing online system. 

Salesforce is a powerful tool that can be leveraged to enable virtual delivery of services, automate processes and improve the customer experience.


The division was eager to move to a modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that would speed and simplify launching new or modified forms and support an electronic registration and titling process.  

With experience implementing the Salesforce platform—and 100+ team members certified in the Omnistudio module of the Salesforce Public Sector Foundation—Mastek proved to be the ideal partner to help transform the division’s registration and titling processes. After a thorough discovery process, Mastek designed a solution that leveraged the robust Salesforce LPI module and replaced the existing public website with an intuitive community portal, fully integrating Salesforce with the existing Oracle database. 

  • Salesforce Public Sector Foundation with LPI and Omnistudio modules 
  • Community Site 
  • Progress DataDirect RDP middleware 
  • Chargent Gateway for payment integration 
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Setting a Foundation for the Future

While Mastek developed and deployed the first 23 forms, the team trained the division’s staff to develop or modify forms themselves going forward. The newly trained team is already leveraging the reusable components to create and launch simple forms, further speeding time to market and reducing their reliance on hard-to-find talent. 

Mastek is also ensuring that every user in the division is capable and confident which includes training internal subject matter experts to onboard a broader group of users over time. The division has already onboarded 87 agency users on the new platform with a plan to double the internal users as they expand and implement more capabilities on the new platform.   

Additionally, the move to Salesforce positions the division to expand its capabilities by supporting the forms needed for mobilehome inspections. And with Google Analytics embedded into the portal, the division now has access to key user engagement metrics. 

With 7,300 end customers  already subscribed to the new online portal since launch, more than 1,000 electronic applications have been received in the first four months, and new forms launching faster than ever, the division is on a path of success. 

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