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Reducing roadblocks with reliable support

SkyTouch Technology brings Salesforce innovation to the forefront

CRM for Property Management


SkyTouch Technology is an independently operated division of Choice Hotels International that provides the most widely used, cloud-based property management system (PMS) known as SkyTouch Hotel OS. Properties use SkyTouch Hotel OS to manage front desk operations such as room inventory, guest check-ins and check-outs, and reporting. SkyTouch Technology has built an integration between SkyTouch Hotel OS and Salesforce to allow property management using Salesforce to sync into the PMS.

SkyTouch Technology wanted to provide timely support to their Salesforce end-users while implementing best practices and innovating their organization through on-going platform support. Although they already had a full-time administrator, it was too much work for even the most experienced admin to manage the Salesforce application, resulting in delays with time-to-market for enhancements and bug requests. Realizing it was time to bring in some outside assistance, they partnered with MST Solution’s to understand Salesforce best practices and get the updates they needed across their Salesforce org.

“MST has become a trusted partner enabling SkyTouch to leverage technology to rapidly drive strategic objectives while improving the customer experience.”

Brandon Hurlbert
Sr. Director, Operations & Analytics 
SkyTouch Technology

Business Challenges

SkyTouch Technology was facing many common challenges other fast-growing organizations experience while trying to optimize their Salesforce organization. They needed to incorporate best practices by minimizing custom development and move towards a streamlined configuration. However, due to staffing changes, they weren’t meeting the Salesforce suggested administrator to active user ratio.

Without the right people managing the Salesforce application, additional support was needed to keep up with the increasing demand of their clients and end-users. SkyTouch Technology needed ongoing platform support offered by an experienced Salesforce partner.

Our Solution

The stakeholders of SkyTouch Technology recognized the challenges within their business and quickly acted by mapping out their goals to rectify any concerns and continue evolving the business. MST Solutions worked closely with SkyTouch Technology to assess their existing Salesforce application and the begin the process of taking over administrative responsibilities.

Along with improving the underlying architecture of the organization came the ability to provide exceptional and swift support for bugs and enhancements reported by customers and end-users. The Managed Services solution consists of an onsite part-time Business Analyst along with two part-time Salesforce Developers. This configuration allows the Business Analyst to work closely with SkyTouch Technology to understand their needs while communicating requirements to the development team to address support and enhancement requests.

  • Improved collaboration and teamwork
  • Optimized third party tools
  • Salesforce reports aligned with Finance team’s reports


By working with MST Solutions Managed Services team, SkyTouch Technology was able to get the reliable support they needed to implement Salesforce best practices while making their Salesforce org easy-to-use for their end-users and customers. MST Solutions resolved basic and complex issues quickly, optimized third party tools such as DocuSign and Salesforce CPQ, customized reporting dashboards and set the standard for providing administrative support. By utilizing Managed Service, SkyTouch Technology will continue to benefit from improved collaboration between departments and reduced roadblocks, while receiving assistance on the day to day updates needed across their Salesforce org.

“Our leadership is excited to see the payoff of the hard work MST helped us with and impressed by the quick turnaround they’ve done.”

Brandon Smith
Operations Analyst
SkyTouch Technology

  • Salesforce Classic
  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Service Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Customer Community
  • DocuSign
  • Conga
  • Amazon Connect
  • Pendo

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