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Renovating Digital Experiences

The State Of Arizona Modernizes Technology To Provide A Better Experience To Its Customers And Employees


One of the oldest public sector agencies in Arizona recently teamed up with MST Solutions to migrate their division-specific data to Although the agency had seen numerous benefits to using Salesforce over the years, there was still a need to modernize technology that would enable its staff to be more efficient and provide a better digital experience for its customers. By partnering with MST Solutions, the agency was able to improve internal workflows, performance and introduce modern digital services that allow customers to utilize their services using their computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

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Prior to launching their new solutions, ROC was experiencing issues with its existing technology systems and classic Salesforce org. Since the existing application was on a shared org with 14 other agencies, some of the critical customizations for their workflows could not be implemented. The agency was missing key digital services such as a Document Management Solution, API integrations and some other key features available on the Salesforce Lightning platform. While its staff struggled with delays and inadequate search capabilities of existing systems, its customers were eager to have the same ease of use and 24 / 7 availability from online services that they receive from private sector digital services. 

Using Salesforce To Create A Virtual Licensing Agency
Salesforce is a powerful tool that can be leveraged to enable virtual delivery of services, automate processes and improve the customer experience.


The state partnered with MST Solutions to move onto their own dedicated Salesforce Lightning instance, implement a Document Management System, integrate with third-party API’s and provided support on integrating Salesforce with a Customer Portal for online services. Due to extensive experience working with other state agencies, MST was able to provide simple but effective solutions using out of the box Salesforce features but configuring them to solve their biggest pain points. Throughout the engagement, MST followed its three-D’s process to Discover critical issues, Design the future state of the technology and deploy the final solutions accordingly. 

Maximize Efficiencies Throughout Your Agency And Say Goodbye To Old Processes
Introducing our proprietary cloud-based and configurable solution that allows agencies to automate the Licensing, Permitting and Inspections (LPI), permitting, and enforcement processes.

Technologies Used

  • Salesforce Lightning Platform 
  • DocuSign/Intelledox
  • Egnyte
  • Nintex
  • SmartyStreets
  • API integrations with PSI,FirstAdvantage, & AZCC, EMAG


After working with MST Solutions to update their existing systems, the agency was able to boost the efficiency of their staff and provide modern online services to its customers, all while reducing the overall cost of its technology solutions. The Salesforce Lightning Platform helps the state save thousands of labor hours in data entry, application review and customer notifications each year. The amount of paper handled throughout the agency and that customers need to provide has been drastically reduced. Various APIs are now being utilized to assist with automating tasks such as reviewing applications, assigning investigations, verifying address details, completing background checks, receiving automated exam results for verification, reviewing entity status, processing payments and sending license renewal reminders. Finally, with their internal team of experts, was able to integrate the new Salesforce org with the existing Online Portal to support online applications. 

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