Scheduled Path – Flow

Salesforce has two options to perform scheduled action either in Process Builder or Workflow rules with Time-Dependent.

Winter 21 updates – Configure Salesforce CMS for Pardot Email

Salesforce CMS provides a central place to manage content. Assign roles to contributors to decide who sees and does what. Distribute your content across channels such as B2C Commerce, B2B Commerce, Marketing Cloud, Heroku, or Lightning Experience apps. Experience Builder sites can use the Salesforce CMS app to distribute their content while Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce sites can share content through the Connect REST API.

Exploratory testing

Exploring the application, understanding how each feature works, and based on understanding testing the whole application – It is exploratory testing.
Exploratory testing needs a tester to listen, read, think, and report, effectively and rigorously.

Accessibility Testing for beginners

Are you new to accessibility testing or want to learn step by step process to do accessibility testing? The below sections are designed to help you in understanding and planning your WCAG/ADA accessibility testing.

Interactive Email for Marketing Cloud

The Interactive Email allows users to interact with the contents of the email and it increases customer engagement as it enables subscribers to submit forms without leaving their inbox. The Interactive Email enables marketers to get subscriber details like profile data, sales leads, and product review directly from forms in an email.

Salesforce CPQ – Product Bundle

If you want to sell several products as one combined product, with Salesforce CPQ Product Bundle, you can create bundled products.