How to leverage cultural-based decision making to accelerate growth

Corporate culture doesn’t have to be an abstract concept; instead, it can be a tool that can be leveraged to improve employee performance, build stronger relationships with customers, create a more cohesive work environment, and accelerate growth.

Culture at MST Solutions

Often culture is seen as a set of beliefs or customs, but what is culture when relating it to a company? Culture is something you do, not what you are. Having good culture in a company and making culture-based decisions are what help MST Solutions excel. Some examples of good culture can include: building cohesive leadership, sharing a common goal, and coming together to collaborate as a team.

Identifying a company that does and does not care about having culture-based decisions in the office is obvious to spot out. Some effects of poor culture can be health problems, disengagement, and the lack of loyalty.  MST Solutions prides itself in having strong culture, and you can see that through their three core values.

Culture Drives Growth

Culture of service, spirit of humility, and pride in ownership, are the core values that MST Solutions revolves around, and bases its culture framework around. Encouraging and supporting the growth of our colleagues is what culture of service is all about, as well as building strong partnerships with our customers.

MST Solutions Timeline of Growth

At MST Solutions, spirit of humility means that teamwork should always be our strength, we listen to understand the needs of others, constantly collaborate with one another, and embrace our failures as opportunities for growth. Understanding one another plays an important role in succeeding, as well as focusing on the interaction over the individual skill of the person.

Pride in ownership involves being passionate about growing MST.  To grow a company, investing in learning should be a priority in creating positive business outcomes. In fact, employees had a MBTI test done so that management could understand the team better and learn where to utilize each employee’s strengths.

How to Drive Culture Based Decisions

From these core values, MST sets up its culture framework through building safety, sharing vulnerability, and establishing purpose. Encouraging and supporting the growth of our colleagues is what culture of service is all about, as well as building strong partnerships with our customers. Building a cohesive leadership team is the foundation of achieving commitment and mastering how to get through conflict. This then leads into forming trust through vulnerability. Being able to communicate the importance of change and align culture with strategy are then what establish the purpose.

Culture Framework
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At MST Solutions our cornerstone is to adapt, engage and create solutions which guarantee the success of our clients. The talent of our team and experiences in varied business verticals gives us an advantage over other competitors.

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