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Salesforce Women in Technology User Group

Many companies say they value diversity in the workplace, but more often than not I’ve found the only indication of that value is a cheesy poster on a break room wall. MST Solutions actively promotes diversity by encouraging women to grow, learn and develop the leadership skills necessary to make significant contributions in the workplace.

We recently attended a Salesforce Women In Technology User Group session, and were treated to a presentation by the CEO of Joyful Transformations, Felicia Davis. Felicia was a warm and energetic speaker, and truly inspired us when she shared some of the challenges she’s overcome to be the successful business owner she is today.

Felicia preached that hard work, passion and the way others perceive you are far and away the most important drivers of success. Skills can be learned, but without internal motivation, you will not move up to where you want to be. She shared personal anecdotes, tips and exercises we can use to build our confidence and our brands. A few of my favorites:

  1. Continuously grow- be unrecognizable in a year from now
  2. Meet with key decision makers to expand your network and to lay the ground work of your future success
  3. Promote yourself through being visible and vocal
  4. Network inside and outside the office

It was a pleasure learning from Felicia, and I look forward to bringing her advice into action!

Blake Orn