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Meet Donald Bohrisch, Senior Salesforce Architect at MST Solutions.
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Meet Donald Bohrisch, Senior Salesforce Architect at MST Solutions.

Donald is one of those people who’s lived a thousand lives –– and the best part is, the people around him get to reap the rewards by way of his experience, infectious energy, and determined spirit.

Take one glance at his career successes and it isn’t any surprise that the phrase, “Pain is temporary; victory is forever,” is one of his guiding mantras.

The early days

Growing up, Donald didn’t live a normal and stationary childhood. Before he was 18, he had already lived in 10 different households up and down the State of California. And it’s likely this primed him to be able to weather just about any change, seize life, and embrace new opportunities when they appeared before him.

In fact, one of his first “jobs” was one he created for himself. Seeing the popularity of coupon books at the time, and the need for local businesses to market themselves, he launched a discount book company called “Bus Stop Ads.” At age 12 he was successfully selling local businesses on the book and even got a free meal out of it after writing a restaurant critique for one of the advertisers.

When not building ventures, Donald was seeking out adventure –– getting into boogie boarding as a teen, followed by the fast-car culture, and eventually into jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. But his life-long passion was, and still is, aviation.

“Growing up I always wanted to be a pilot, which is why I joined the US Air Force while I was still in high school,” he said. “That passion continues today. I’ve picked up washing planes in my free time to earn credits for flight training hours. My goal is to earn my pilot’s license by year end.”

From the Air Force to Salesforce

Immediately following his senior year of high school, Donald shipped off to the US Air Force Basic Military Training in San Antonio Texas. But wanting to be more on the front lines, he moved to the Army and went on to serve in the military for more than 13 years. Though injuries prevented him from completing his 20-year tenure, they led him to his next great passion: Salesforce.

“I was going to school for networking and hardware and was doing a homework assignment when I came across this free program for military vets and their spouses through Salesforce,” Donald said.

It was around that same time that he was receiving his honorable discharge, opening a clear path to this new program. After starting the program virtually in 2013, Donald shipped off to California to dive deeper into the program and hasn’t turned back since. He also became one of the first to graduate from the program in early 2014.

“Thanks to Salesforce, and the Salesforce Military program (previously Vetforce), I have been able to not only successfully transition into an amazing career in the Salesforce Ohana, but I’m also now working on my sixth Salesforce Certification,” he said. “And now I’m in a position to give back to my fellow veterans through Salesforce mentorship and training opportunities.”

Life at MST Solutions

Life eventually brought Donald to Arizona where he found MST Solutions and a company culture that aligned with his tenacious spirit, core values, and passion for Salesforce.

“I’ve been at MST for a year and feel like I’ve truly become a part of all of our client’s lives,” he said.

In just a year’s time, Donald has spoken at seven sessions during Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference and has been instrumental in increasing MST’s bond within the Salesforce Ohana. But one thing he was particularly proud of was the launch of the company-wide program to shop for and deliver care packages to vulnerable populations in the community during the COVID pandemic.

“We fulfilled countless requests all over the Valley and it was amazing to see the impact this had first hand. It was far beyond what I had expected,” Donald said. “I personally got to shop for and deliver over 30 care packages to those in need in our community. And so many others on our team did the same. Working together we were able to reach so many individuals who really needed it.”

While his role at the company is expansive (leveraging his unique compilation of experience), Donald has one project that has been particularly near and dear to his heart.

“Being from California, with most of my friends and family still living there, I personally feel invested in the public sector work we are doing to help the state, its businesses, and its citizens get through the COVID-19,” he said.

A book of surprises

Donald’s life story has been anything but predictable. He is a sponsored race car driver and founder of #TheAudiArmy, has jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, helped save lives during the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas, and lived in his XTerra for the first part of his Salesforce career. But one thing is for certain, he has embraced a life of Ohana –– and that’s evident in the passion he brings to his work at MST every day, and the unrelenting commitment he has to colleagues, community, and our customers.

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