What Gender Pay Gap? MST Solutions Pledges Equal Pay.

Arizona-based CRM and marketing automation leader commits to equal pay among genders.

Arizona-based CRM and marketing automation leader commits to equal pay among genders.

MST Solutions, the Chandler-based leader in CRM and marketing automation solutions has joined many top tech companies in closing the gender wage gap for its employees.

MST Solutions made the pledge last year to analyze salaries as part of a larger focus on women in technology and be a leading advocate for equal pay in the Southwest. This comes at a time where the company has seen tremendous growth. Recently, MST Solutions announced an increase of over 100 percent in new business growth year-over-year.

The responsibility of such growth has not been lost on Thiru Thangarathinam, Founder and CEO of MST Solutions saying “While celebrating the amount of growth we have had, we also wanted to ensure that we had a strong foundation for future growth that was inclusive of everyone, regardless of gender” He also spoke about the challenges explaining “We felt like we were doing a good job but know that diversity and inclusion is a continual process and will remain a top priority for us.”

As part of their commitment to look annually at equality in pay across their US and international offices that includes not only an assessment of current salaries, but also hiring practices and performance management to increase transparency and fairness in compensation.

The analysis concluded that there were some unexplained differences in salaries for men and women performing similar job functions and MST has made the adjustments to close that gap.

“Women are leaving jobs in technology at twice the rate of their male counterparts. To attract and retain top female talent we have to look at everything from recruitment to how women are supported throughout their career at MST.” Nicole Acevedo, Consultant and lead for the Women in Technology (WIT) program at MST. “That is how we continue to be a Best Place to Work for everyone.”

It’s not just equal pay the company has focused on. The company’s success, according to Thangarathinam, is due to what he calls the three C’s, customers, colleagues and community. Leading the push to promote Women in Technology throughout the Southwest is driven by his passion to make the local community a better place.

By regularly hosting events helping to empower women in technology, the company has become one a key figure in the push for equality in the tech sector. The most recent project being KIND, a way to help disadvantaged women in the community learn new skills in hopes of increasing their chances of getting a job.

Whether it’s equal pay or being a change agent for empowering women in technology in their community, MST Solutions is leading the way for equality.

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