Our Culture

People-centered with a unified purpose

When Thiru Thangarathinam, our intrepid leader, founded MST Solutions, he did so with the intention of building a tech development company that put people at the center of its focus. Out of that focus grew our culture – the framework through which we create:

A holistic approach to serving our customers

A supportive work environment for our colleagues

A vehicle by which we impact our communities

We believe in collaboration. We believe in leaving our egos at the door. We believe in the power of technology to help businesses and organizations do more with less and scale what they do. Our mission is to provide real solutions that help people.

We never lose sight that at the end of every tech stack are real people trying to do great work.

We're growth-minded

Ever since our bootstrapped beginnings in 2012, we’ve stayed focused on a growth mindset – for our customers, our company AND as individuals. We stick to our scrappy roots, because it keeps us agile and without ego – able to mobilize quickly to serve the needs of our customers.

As a Salesforce Military grad and Trailblazing Partner in the Salesforce Ohana, having a Growth Mindset is important because it's our mission to help our clients not only understand where they are today but also to help them envision the future and how we can grow through the Salesforce platform!
Donald Bohrish
2 Years at MST

Continuing education

EOS management model

Internal growth opportunities

No data silos

Flattened leadership organization

We innovate with integrity

At MST, we believe that tech solutions MUST help people work smarter and grow as the needs of the organization grows. We don’t sell one-size-fits-all technology. We craft solutions that last, and it’s the needs of our customers, and their customers, that drive those solutions.

With our focus firmly on the customer, we use deep listening skills and our niche expertise as Salesforce architects to design, integrate, and implement systems that allow our customers to work smarter.

We're talented

Software development is a fast moving industry. We stay at the top of our game to ensure that our customers get the best solutions available today. Not only does our award-winning culture attract some of the best talent across the U.S. and India, but we also encourage personal growth and continuing education. 

Our flattened leadership structure and agile project management methodology takes maximum advantage of individual skills, collaboration (the beating heart of MST), and pride in ownership. We believe that the growth of our organization is intrinsically tied to our personal growth, so we’re passionate about BOTH!

MST supported me by providing the opportunity to learn various technologies, processes, and the training needed to extract the best technology solutions for our clients.
Kamatchi Devi
Application Architect, 8 years at MST

Personal brand development

Culture fit check built into recruiting

Agile operations model

Pride in ownership

We're award-winning

We consistently and with great pride win awards in the Best Places to Work and Fast Growth categories – a direct reflection of our commitment to a service mindset and sticking to our scrappy roots. We stay young. We stay hungry.

We're all about community

We’re a people-first company. We treat our U.S. and India offices as one community, sharing knowledge and collaborating towards our goals. We concern ourselves with each other’s personal growth, and that naturally extends out to the community around us. We live here. We work here. We want to make a positive difference.

MST has provided opportunities to volunteer for a number of events and has even sponsored us to participate in great causes.
Todd McClellan
Salesforce Administrator, 2 years at MST

Culture of service

Partnerships with local organizations

Community involvement

Donation matching program

Breaking down barriers

Because we thrive on collaboration, our offices are designed with open workspaces, eliminating walls that break up the workflow or segment us from one another. We also know how to take a break! We enjoy the on-tap cold brew coffee, massage chairs, expansive lounge areas, a game of ping pong or video games!


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