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A higher standard in education

Unlock your school’s potential.
Administrative silos and outdated technology
present a large challenge for universities:

How do you stay present in the student lifecycle?

Universities are overcome with barriers that challenge them from having a seamless experience in accessing data across the student lifecycle. The scope necessary to break down internal barriers and to create a connected campus is overwhelming, creating a lack of transparency across student service departments. This impacts the students’ ability to access needed resources, degrading their overall satisfaction.

Be on the cutting edge of technology
Get the guidance you need to stay innovative and current so you aren’t falling behind.
Break down inefficient silos
Avoid complex administrative barriers; we’ll help you navigate through them so your processes become streamlined.
Stay connected and relevant to your students
Use our student-centric approach by making the right choices when it comes to planning for the future of your student resources.

Higher education demands a shift away
from a segmented structure. Why?

Running inefficiently on administrative silos in the higher-education sector can be frustrating to staff and students. We understand the nuances and challenges of breaking down silos so you can drive student success at all stages of the student lifecycle. Our experience working with traditional and online-based universities and their student experience initiatives, is critical to helping you achieve the same goals. Let us be your partner in navigating the process, so you can function seamlessly.

Your Roadmap to Results

An approach that embraces
your university’s individuality.

Connecting with students begins with understanding the unique needs of your university and the students it serves. Our Three-D approach ensures we identify obstacles and create solutions that eliminate them while keeping you innovative and relevant to the student experience.


Achieving success through
conversations and experience.

Our trusted advisory relationships with universities are created on a foundation of strategy. Our Salesforce proficiency allows us to take our clients from beginning to end with personalized solutions. We achieve this through:

Customer Service
Case management
Education Cloud
Data Architecture (HEDH)
Recruiting & application processing
Dashboards & analytics
Student experience life-cycle management
Paperless processes
Legacy IT/IT OPS cloud transformation
Having a true understanding of the pain points of the business is so key. Yes, we know you have seen it all, but though industries follow some of the same best practices, there are so many different levels of operations that acknowledging this and the client understanding you fully understand where they are currently and where they want to go is the most important piece. This should be written down and acknowledged by both parties Without both parties knowing this on the front end, it's a set-up for disappointment. I do feel as if MST, after getting into diligence with us, began to feel our pains and help provide solutions to a more productive future. There is no room for arrogance when a client is living with a dysfunctional operating system. Thanks for feeling our pain and finding ways to alleviate it.
Ashley, C.
Alliant International University
Provide an effective solution for implementing an automated flow to achieve lead capturing, segmenting, scoring and nurturing with integrated sales activity.
Proud Local First member, Thiru Thangarathinam, founder and CEO of MST Solutions, prides himself in becoming Arizona’s largest partner.