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Building A Stronger Nonprofit

Give more to those who rely on your support.

Limited funding and lack of resources lead to one question:

How can you stay connected to your community?

Running your nonprofit organization relies on volunteers and community engagement for donations to serve the community. However, when your organization finds itself lacking funds, connecting with those resources becomes difficult, causing your nonprofit organization to struggle with giving back the way it intended.

Deliver more with less.
Lower the time and costs it takes to connect with stakeholders so your organization can fulfill its purpose.
Increase your community reach.
Use our unique Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to give you a comprehensive view of your donors, so you can maximize your reach in the community.
Stop cycles of inefficient processes.
Leverage our Salesforce expertise to gain a critical level of business intelligence to drive powerful marketing efforts so your nonprofit can run seamlessly and efficiently.

Community involvement is critical to the
success of every nonprofit.

We understand the nuances and challenges of staying connected to your constituents and donors in the nonprofit sector. Our specialists are experienced in designing a plan that takes you from integration through training to reach more potential donors and volunteers.

Your Roadmap to Results

Casting a wider net using a
more cost-effective solution.

It’s no surprise you strengthen your non-profit organization when you have the ability to better connect with your community. When you partner with us, we promise to discover your areas of most-needed improvement, design a plan around your needs and develop a solution that is attainable for your organization.


A personalized plan built for
your organization’s success

The success of your nonprofit organization is built on a combination of our Salesforce expertise and personal guidance. Our CRM systems can deliver valuable insight, organization, and proactive management of your donor foundation.

Building off of our proprietary consulting and customized solutions, we tailor a plan based on your needs. This approach gets you results by initiating, procuring and implementing projects—all of which help preserve your time and funds. Partnering with us isn’t about a single solution, it’s about experiencing a new, multi-faceted way of connecting with your community.

Teaching Channel is a not-for-profit digital media platform for education with a small sales and service organization, but with the help of MST we have been able to efficiently build an automated CRM solution which leverages our team and allows us to punch above our weight. Thanks, MST, for being an honest partner as we strive to make a difference in education!
Scott Brogi
Teaching Channel
Provide an effective solution for implementing an automated flow to achieve lead capturing, segmenting, scoring and nurturing with integrated sales activity.
The tech company maintains its culture while doubling its employees size through rapid growth