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Transforming the public sector

Delivering value to citizens and employees through digital solutions in the cloudServe your citizens in a modernized way.

Antiquated processes coupled with legacy technology and the biggest conundrum: 

Where do you start to make it better for citizens and constituents?

Confronted with decades-old legacy technology and an inability to serve your customers and constituents digitally the danger of frustrating agency staff and further disconnecting with your community becomes real. As a result, you don’t know where to begin, how to scope the first project, how to cut through the red tape, or even achieve incremental value during these steps. This can lead to your community feeling uninformed, struggling with a lack of transparency and becoming frustrated with the status quo.  

Raise the bar on your operational efficiencies
Leave behind the technology that prevents you from serving your customers efficiently. Begin by working with our team to help scope a project that provides quick value and continue to add value incrementally from there. By investing in a platform and using platform development best practices, your agency can realize value sooner than later.
Get project buy-in and strategic support.
Leverage our experience of working side-by-side with the public sector to help you articulate the path toward digital transformation in a thoughtful agency-specific plan. Let us help you connect, and win, with internal stakeholders and external constituents.
Understand and master the implementation process.
Let our expertise be your guide so you can gain knowledge in initiating, procuring and implementing projects in the public sector, where our sector experts can help you formulate an implementation plan that is cost-effective, and value driven.

We know that efficient use of resources is key in the public sector 

The government sector relies heavily on support during the implementation process. We’re well-versed in managing effective programs and projects that ensure long-term adoption of the Salesforce platform. For you, this means an open door to leveraging our insights for efficient project management and the advantage of partnering with a company who prides itself on honesty, transparency, and the ability to navigate through potential challenges, dedicated to leading you to successful outcomes.   

Your Roadmap to Results

A proven methodology that gets you there

It’s easy to connect with customers and constituents when you have the solutions that meet the unique needs of your agency and its members. Our Three D approach identifies pain points and builds solutions to eliminate them, increasing your productivity.


Relationships built on a foundation of strategy

As Salesforce experts, we advise and guide our clients from solution selection to implementation and maintenance. Our public sector domain knowledge and Salesforce proficiency allows us to identify the products and structures that fit your agency’s needs with solutions such as: 


Customer service – Serving your customers when and how they want 

Web site & customer portals – Providing information and services conveniently 

Case management – Facilitating the resolution of inquiries or issues efficiently and conveniently for agencies and its customers 

Application processing and approvals – Process applications from customers and keep them apprised of the status  

Dashboards & analytics – Understand your business and transactional data in a whole new way 

Digitization & paperless processes – Reduce paper processes by implementing digitized services and processes 

GIS & mapping integration – Add geo-spatial imagery and a myriad of visual mapping through GIS integration 

Legacy-IT/IT OPS cloud transformation – Leave a lasting legacy through the development of a plan to sunset old systems and optimize your IT operations along the way 

“MST Solutions was chosen because of their clear ability to listen to our needs, their demonstrated Salesforce expertise and modern project management approach. This formula was key to ensuring success in the first step of our transformation.”
Ryan Johnson, CIO
Arizona State Land Department
Provide an effective solution for implementing an automated flow to achieve lead capturing, segmenting, scoring and nurturing with integrated sales activity.
Provide an effective solution for implementing an automated flow to achieve lead capturing, segmenting, scoring and nurturing with integrated sales activity.