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Transforming the public sector

Connect with your community at the speed of life.

Slow processes, antiquated technology
and the biggest conundrum:

Where do you start to make it better?

Confronted with decades-old processes and internal staff who ignore the need for change, the danger of losing touch with your community becomes real. As a result, you don’t know where to begin a project, how to cut through the red tape, or even achieve project completion. This can lead to your community feeling uninformed, struggling with a lack of transparency and becoming frustrated with the status quo.

Raise the bar on your operational efficiencies
Get the products you need with personalized customizations so you aren't wasting valuable resources.
Get project buy-in and strategic support.
Leverage our experience of working side-by-side with the government sector to help you to connect, and win, with internal stakeholders.
Understand and master the implementation process.
Let our expertise be your guide so you can gain knowledge in initiating, procuring and implementing projects in the government sector, keeping you efficient.

We know that efficiency is key in the public sector

The government sector relies heavily on support during the implementation process. We’re well-versed in managing effective programs and projects that ensure long-term adoption of the Salesforce platform. For you, this means an open door to leveraging our insights for efficient project management and the advantage of partnering with a company who prides itself on honesty, transparency, and the ability to easily navigate through potential challenges, dedicated to leading you to successful outcomes.

Your Roadmap to Results

A proven methodology that gets you there

It’s easy to connect with customers and constituents when you have the solutions that meet the unique needs of your agency and its members. Our Three D approach identifies pain points and builds solutions to eliminate them, increasing your productivity.


Relationships built on a foundation of strategy

Our trusted advisory relationships with universities are created on a foundation of strategy. Our Salesforce proficiency allows us to take our clients from beginning to end with personalized solutions. We achieve this through:

Customer service
Case management
Application processing/reporting
Dashboards & analytics
Paperless processes
GIS & mapping integration
Legacy-IT/IT OPS cloud transformation
Arizona State Land Department manages Arizona’s 9.2+ million acres of land for the benefit of Arizona’s public schools and education system. As a way to enhance the methods in which AZ Land delivers in this important mission, MST Solutions and Salesforce worked together to transform the operations of the department from a paper-heavy operation to a completely digital state. Through the delivery of Service Cloud, Customer Communities, Forms Assembly and a document imaging system, we have transformed how customers of the AZ Land engage with the agency and apply for permits for land usage. Behind the scenes we transformed the way the agency processes applications. This resulted in a direct improvement in application processing time, minimizing unnecessary foot traffic and inquiries regarding application status and helping to bring the agency in alignment with the Governor’s proclamation of “conducting government at the speed of business.”
Ryan Johnson, CIO
Arizona State Land Department
Provide an effective solution for implementing an automated flow to achieve lead capturing, segmenting, scoring and nurturing with integrated sales activity.
Provide an effective solution for implementing an automated flow to achieve lead capturing, segmenting, scoring and nurturing with integrated sales activity.