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Case Studies

Learn how we were able to transform systems and processes to get the results our clients needed.

By partnering with MST Solutions, ROC was able to improve internal workflows, performance and introduce modern digital services that allow customers to interact with the agency using their computer, smartphone or tablet.
With a 360-degree view of all its accounts and contacts, the Montana Department of Commerce can provide a better experience for its constituents and has transformed into an organization with best-in-class contact and metric management.
WorldatWork looked to MST Solutions to develop a solution that would enhance their lead tracking process, accelerate quoting, automate the publication process and offer clients a streamlined, user-friendly experience.
Make-A-Wish partnered with MST Solutions to define, develop and implement a customized Salesforce solution that would improve visibility and engagement to their process and boost overall wish granting capacity and efficiency.
By partnering with MST Solutions to enhance its existing systems, GPEC was able to increase user adoption while improving data consistency and productivity throughout the organization.
Banner Health partnered with MST Solutions, to implement new processes, upskill teams, and employ techniques to give Banner Health a jump-start on a healthy and cross-organization minded architectural practice.
SkyTouch Technology was able to get the reliable support they needed to implement Salesforce best practices while making their Salesforce org easy-to-use for their end-users and customers.
By integrating text message support with their omni-channel tool in Salesforce, Republic Services was able to increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs through higher agent utilization and a reduction in voice channel overhead.
By launching its new knowledge management system, Republic Services was able to maximize the value of its existing cloud-based technology and empower its employees to create exceptional customer experiences.