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Technical Articles

Published articles written by our highly-specialized engineers and developers in their areas of expertise.
Organizations invest in tools such as a CRM like Salesforce with the best intentions of using it to streamline operations, only to have it remain largely unused six months to even a year or two down the road
The following are the primary roles needed to manage and maintain Salesforce teams in a continually evolving and growing organization.
When a company seeks out an external solution to provide better customer experience, they’re putting their trust in their vendor to provide that solution. Too often with service-based businesses, the solution that vendors are offering are one-size-fits-all, which doesn’t always fit well, certainly not long term. This can lead to customer frustration and misaligned experience caused by data silos.
Salesforce is a powerful tool that can have a dramatically positive impact on your organization’s operations and bottom line. But the same features and functions that make it so impressive also add layers of complexity to implementing it.
In the fast-growing IT industry, there are more need for tools to make the life of IT professionals easier. To serve that purpose we are going to look at a tool “QASE” – Test management tool which will be useful for the Testing process during the Testing lifecycle and will help both the Development and QA team.
“Walk-me for Salesforce” is an app to assist end users as to how to complete a process in Salesforce when they are new to Salesforce or working on complex process in Salesforce CRM.
TestRail is a Modern web-based test management tool introduced by ‘Gurock Software’. TestRail helps to manage our test cases and test results efficiently. Test reports in TestRail can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
Salesforce introduced a flexible model called Skills-based routing. Earlier, it was only possible to use Queue-based routing; now, this is a new interesting enhancement in Salesforce Service Cloud available from Spring’18.
For list views, previously when Salesforce users navigate to any of the list view, they will be launched on the Recently Viewed list view. As part of our Spring’19 release change, now the users can select their desired list view to be launched when they navigate to the object.
Salesforce Live Message is an app downloaded from AppExchange, and it is used to allow customers and companies to have a two-way text message conversation using SMS and Facebook application.