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Technical Articles

Published articles written by our highly-specialized engineers and developers in their areas of expertise.
The patient journey looks much different today than it did several years ago. From diagnosis to treatment, most patients have many more stops along the way than ever before. They might visit a physician, diagnostic imaging center, hospital, outpatient rehab therapist, and the list goes on, before their care plan is complete.
Salesforce needs more developers to double its current revenue, but developers have traditionally had to go through Salesforce specific training to work on its platform. To overcome the human capital gap, Salesforce recently introduced the Lightning Web Components.
The healthcare and life sciences industries are evolving at a rapid clip, driven primarily by the shift to value-based care and changing patient behavior.
Digital Transformation is all the rage in Healthcare today.  Patient Experience and Patient Engagement are two key areas where so many Healthcare Delivery Organizations are focusing their IT investments.
Corporate culture doesn’t have to be an abstract concept; instead, it can be a tool that can be leveraged to improve employee performance, build stronger relationships with customers, create a more cohesive work environment, and accelerate growth.
Preparing data in Wave Analytics just got a whole lot easier. Data Prep is a brand-new feature in Wave Analytics to create a new dataset with a combination of two existing datasets or different sources.
ASIDE is a Salesforce IDE in the cloud. It supports the entire Salesforce development from writing code, running unit tests, querying/managing data, and deploying the resulting application. Using this IDE, we can create and modify the classes quickly.
In Winter'17 release, Salesforce introduced a new framework known as Lightning Bolt. It allows to create a new online community for marketers. Typically, Salesforce CRM directly integrates with the portals and websites, which present a collaborative environment between their customers and partners.
In this article, I have explained how an authentication mechanism can be built even for the users of Salesforce when they access Person Accounts. This approach is used to overcome cross-site scripting security gaps.
LockerService in Lightning is a powerful security architecture for Lightning components implemented to make lightning components secure. Basically, LockerService enhances its security by isolating the individual Lightning components in their own namespace itself.