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Technical Articles

Published articles written by our highly-specialized engineers and developers in their areas of expertise.
It is common that applications get modified for new features or bug fixes or maintenance work. These changes might affect the outcome such as broken features, bad performance, etc.
It is an analytics tool for tracking the contents (information) shared through any of the social media by using “AddThis” and the tracking details are maintained in this tool.
If we need to view some of data based on some criteria from an object by clicking a Button, we can use this custom component. The component is dynamic and works for any object in Salesforce without modifying the component.
Quip is a smarter cloud-based collaboration platform. Quip combines spreadsheets, documents, checklists and chat with your live CRM data into one seamless experience where Teams can discuss, create and get work done faster from any device with communication and content combined in a new way.
Quick text option in Salesforce saves users’ time and increases standardization. With quick text, users can insert predefined messages like greetings, answers to common questions, and short notes. Quick text can be inserted in emails, chats, events, tasks and knowledge articles.
Qlik Sense is a data analytics tool that runs in browsers as well as in desktops. It’s a business intelligence tool. With help of this tool, we can create a report and dashboard easily.
Now-a-days users don’t want to sit with the slowly performing applications when they are doing online-booking, purchasing products etc.
Metadata search is one of the best ways to search all the metadata components in our sandbox org or production org. If you're tired of searching a specific component by browsing to each of the Workflows, Classes, Pages, Fields, Objects, Reports, Dashboards and other components from the setup, then this is the app meant for you.
In this Article, we are going to see how we can utilize Google sheet data for Test Automation. The important advantage is that now teams working from remote locations can use test data from cloud space.
Lightning web components are built using HTML and JavaScript. Lightning web components can be used in Aura components and inter-operate with each other. We can find Lightning web components and Aura components under Lightning components in Setup.