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Technical Articles

Published articles written by our highly-specialized engineers and developers in their areas of expertise.
Change Data Capture enables you to integrate your Salesforce data with external systems. It is a powerful feature that will send notification every time a record is created, updated, deleted, or undeleted.
In Lightning Web component, we can develop Lightning data table with infinite loading capability. This will help users to see more records whenever they scroll to the bottom of the table rows, querying more every time the user scrolls to the end rather than querying all records at once.
In this article, we will see how to implement a cascading dropdown in the SharePoint list using SP services.
Magic Mover is an application downloaded from AppExchange. It is used for migrating the classic Notes to lightning enhanced notes and classic attachments to Salesforce files in an easy manner.
Using Lightning Web Component Local Development Server, we can build component modules and view our changes live without publishing our components to an org.
ApachePOI is an API built by Apache foundation and this API is used to perform read/write operations in Microsoft files (e.g.: MS-Excel, Word, and Power-Point).
Extent Report is a library that can be used to build a customized detailed report. It can be integrated with TestNG, JUNIT etc.
These days verifying the emails is quite natural in most of the applications. While doing automation for those scenarios, we might need the help of SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocols) protocols.
If business user needs to assign a Task toa Queue and Users using process builder, use this reusable Apex invocable method with wrapper class feature.
Salesforce Authenticator is an intelligent, mobile-enabled two-factor authentication app that adds an extra layer of security to protect the Salesforce account and data.