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Technical Articles

Published articles written by our highly-specialized engineers and developers in their areas of expertise.
Implementing home page for different set of users based on their profile or app – profile can be done directly while activating the page. Also, assigning the Home page to the set of users based on values in their User record or other related records can be done by setting the component visibility and custom permission. Let us discuss more on how to build the home page for different users.
Permission set groups combine selected permission sets to provide all the permissions that users need for their roles.
Release Process is a structured process with planning, scheduling, and controlling the project in each stage or environments with testing and deployments. It makes deployment stable and smooth.
Single sign-on (SSO) lets users access authorized network resources with a single login. You validate usernames and passwords against your corporate user database or other client app rather than Salesforce managing separate passwords for each resource.
Einstein bots are part of Salesforce Service Cloud. The main purpose of Einstein bot is to interact with customers quickly and accurately without waiting for a human agent. Einstein bots can send messages, ask questions and perform the actions based on the rules defined or based on the customer input.
The manufacturing industry is facing a massive digital transformation. Companies innovate so their businesses can succeed. To provide a seamless customer experience, manufacturers need a solution that helps them understand customer needs while improving visibility across the entire journey from planning to product.
Data visualization is a graphical representation of data points or information. Human minds are not capable of understanding huge volumes of numbers; however, by using charts and graphs, you can understand trends, pattern and extract meaning or insights out of data.
Customer satisfaction is the most important thing in the Business, salesforce introduces surveys to get an anonymous response from customers to improve your Business as customers really want.
The Surveys highlight is closely connected with the Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud, released in Spring '18. Salesforce Surveys empowers you to make decisions based on the survey results, utilizing a simple editor inside your Salesforce Org.
Field Service Lightning provides many useful features designed to provide awesome customer service at the customer’s location. One among those features of Field Service is the Maintenance plan which helps to build good relationships with the customer. Let us discuss this feature in detail.