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Technical Articles

Published articles written by our highly-specialized engineers and developers in their areas of expertise.
We can now use custom font in Salesforce lightning component by static resource. This is helpful to design the page or lightning app with custom font to give better feel to the user. 
ApexRegion is a Visualforce page tag that is used to increase the visualforce page performance. It rerenders only the necessary section of the page that allow us to make the form work without any issues.
Continuation Class is used to make asynchronous callout using REST and SOAP services. Using this class, we can make a long running request from a Visual-force page to external systems, and can integrate our Visual-force pages with complex back end systems.
SOAP API is used to integrate applications or other third party applications, and it lets the user to maintain passwords, perform searches and much more. You can use the SOAP API with any programming language that supports Web services.
Once an Apex class is written, it must pass through a unit test, which verifies whether a particular piece of code or function is working properly or not, before it is deployed. Also, at least 75% of our apex code must be covered in order to successfully deploy the code to the production organization. Unit tests are written in Apex Code and annotated with the test Method keyword.
Work Orders can be combined with Accounts, Cases, Contacts, Assets, Entitlements, Service Contracts, and other Work Orders. We can also create custom relationships between work orders and other standard and custom objects.
Salesforce offers a Standard object for Order in the Spring'14 release. Salesforce Order object is used to automate an organization's post deal process. You can create an Order using either Account or Contract in Salesforce, and then track order information using Orders tab.
Mass Update + Mass Edit + Mass Delete is an Unmanaged Package Application which is used for performing the Multiple updates, edit, and delete operation at a time.
SharePoint Lists can be accessed using REST API. Following is an AngularJS service that helps to create a list item, get items that are already created, update or delete an item from the list using functions that automatically build REST API query.
Salesforce Inspector is a tool which enables us to view field details, import and export operations from record detail page in Salesforce. It is an extension for Chrome and Firefox.