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Technical Articles

Published articles written by our highly-specialized engineers and developers in their areas of expertise.
Salesforce Lightning is a component based framework for the application development.Component is the core part of the lightning framework.
A field in Case object should capture the inline images, when a new Case is created via Email-to-Case. Most of us will store the htmlbody field of the Email message to a custom case field by writing a Trigger for Email Message.
Twilio is a cloud communications (IaaS) company based in San Francisco, California. It allows developers to programmatically send an SMS using its APIs.
Sales Path feature for opportunities helps sales reps to work their deals faster and smarter. Now we could get the same for other objects also, using Visualforce.
If you are an intermediate to advanced Salesforce Admin who hasn't yet discovered Salesforce Cloud Flow, read on for a tutorial on this tool that extends Salesforce configuration without Apex code.
Heroku provides a cloud application platform to create, run, and work with your cloud based application. Thus, Heroku is termed as PaaS (Platform as a Service). Heroku supports several programming languages like JAVA, Node.js, Python, PHP, etc. The main reason for integrating Salesforce with Heroku is to provide a sophisticated custom user interface which we can develop using JAVA, Node.js, PHP, etc.
Visualforce provides tag to insert the entire content of a Visualforce page into another page. This is useful mainly when the same content needs to be used in multiple places. Template pages are Visualforce pages that include one or more components.
Single Sign-On is a process that permits network users to access all authorized network resources without having to log in separately to each resource. It allows you to validate usernames and passwords against your database or other client application rather than having separate user passwords managed by Salesforce.
To protect the application data and maintain the customer trust, Salesforce Introduced Salesforce Shield. Salesforce Shield offers a powerful set of tools for any customer who needs an extra level of control to meet internal or regulatory compliance requirements. Salesforce Shield Available in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions. Available in Developer Edition at no charge for organizations created in Summer ‘15 and later.
Mass email is a tool to send an email to a group of Leads, Contacts, Person Accounts, and Users at the Same time. This functionality is supported only for standard email field not custom email fields.