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Technical Articles

Published articles written by our highly-specialized engineers and developers in their areas of expertise.
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Cucumber is a software testing tool used to automate ‘Acceptance tests’. Cucumber supports Ruby & Java for writing test scripts, and it uses “Selenium Web Driver or Watir Web Driver” for simulating browser windows.
How can we send emails with a specific interval of business days and create tasks every time the emails are sent out from Salesforce? In addition, when these tasks reach their due dates
Live Agent helps Visitors or Customers from the website to get real-time assistance from the Online Live Agent user. Customers or Visitors can initiate the chat sessions by simply clicking the button or link or invitation on a webpage.
Apex gives the flexibility to write our own cryptographic functions for ensuring the integrity of our data. Apex provides the Crypto class to protect our data from eavesdroppers. 
As many businesses need to handle their sales and marketing in multiple currencies (like USD, EUR, and etc).
Lightning Component is a framework to build Salesforce applications faster. If you are using Salesforce1, you already experiencing the Lightning. It is based on an open source project called Aura framework. 
Salesforce Deployment allows migration of changes from one environment to another. The various deployment tools available are Change Set, IDE, ANT, etc.
A Debug Log is used for System Process, record database operations, and errors. The errors will occur when executing the transaction or running unit tests. Using Debug Logs, we can find detailed information about your running processes when they complete.
We can now use custom font in Salesforce lightning component by static resource. This is helpful to design the page or lightning app with custom font to give better feel to the user.