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Technical Articles

Published articles written by our highly-specialized engineers and developers in their areas of expertise.
Salesforce SteelBrick provides an easy to use Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) apps for high-growth Salesforce customers. It is 100% native on Salesforce and delivered on the Salesforce1 Mobile app, so user can create accurate and professional sales quotes quickly and eliminate errors and inefficiencies.
Selenium Grid’ is a new concept introduced by Selenium team to run Tests in remote machines by executing the tests across different OS, different browsers and different machines.
Salesforce Community provides an efficient way  for collaboration and communication among the Customers, Partners,  and Employees of an organization.
If we want to run our tests against multiple browsers with different versions and if the browsers are running on different operating systems, then Grids is the right solution.
Are you going to work with APIs to make simple or complex HTTP requests? Do you need to test the request and response of web service calls in an easy and straightforward way?
It is very common that many software applications today allow the reports be stored in Excel format, and Excel doesn’t support large volume of records. Also, the ability to do data analysis (data comparison, validation, and etc) is limited in Excel.
Custom buttons in Salesforce are used to achieve additional functionality apart from the standard functions in Salesforce.
As an Administrator, you will create or refresh sandbox from production very often for various purposes. Typically, Salesforce Administrators go through a series of steps every time a sandbox is created or refreshed.
Pagination can be achieved in Salesforce, by using Standard Set Controller in salesforce; however, we cannot maintain the stage of the selected records in the pagination.
This article will explain how to refer a Lightning Component in a Visualforce Page. Please follow the below steps: