MST Licensing Solution

for Salesforce

Maximize efficiencies throughout your agency and say goodbye to old processes.

Introducing our proprietary cloud-based and configurable solution that allows agencies to automate the  Licensing, Permitting and Inspections (LPI), permitting, and enforcement processes. From new applications to managing complaints, investigations, public record requests, status requests, renewals, and existing licenses to giving your customers an enhanced dynamic experience through a state-of-the-art online portal. Our configurable single solution removes the need for a systems developer or analyst and saves you time, money, and resources. Now your agency can efficiently manage the whole process while getting customers answers and information faster, significantly improving what has been known to be a frustrating and archaic experience on both sides. Licensing, Permitting and Inspections (LPI)

Using Salesforce to Create a Virtual Licensing Agency

Salesforce is a powerful tool that can be leveraged to enable virtual delivery of services, automate processes and improve the customer experience. In this webinar, MST Solutions and team at the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROC) share how they’ve leveraged Salesforce to improve the customer experience and migrate their previously paper-based system to the cloud.

Manage the entire Licensing, Permitting and Inspections (LPI) lifecycle at the speed of the business through easy to use user interface and simple configurations.

Replace legacy technologies and processes with ease to provide better customer experience. Have the ability to issue licenses in days, not weeks or months.

Reduce costs through proven system efficiencies and have the ability to configure your system in hours to respond quickly to changing statutes and evolving workflows.

How we got here

Our team, lead by a former CIO and Chief of Licensing within a licensing agency and supported by product managers, developers, project managers, and engineers who have experience in this industry, have built a solution that you can implement quickly, scale as you need, and configure to your business.

We invested thousands of hours and resources to analyze and evaluate Licensing, Permitting and Inspections (LPI) agency needs from across the country on behalf of several clients who have come to us for solutions to similar problems. We ended up with a deep, fundamental understanding what is similar across all agencies, where they differ, and how they need to evolve. What we ended up with is the “MST Licensing Solution” that includes 60% of the common functionality out of the box, leaving the other 40% to configure (not develop from scratch) to meet your specific workflow and customer requirements.

A one-size-fits-all approach allows for quick implementations but lacks the flexibility to meet the unique needs of your agency and customers, often falling short on functionality. On the other hand, custom programs require too much time, money and effort to develop and support. This is where we come in. Our Licensing Solution is a hybrid of these two polarizing scenarios, combining the benefits of being able to go-live quickly while giving you the flexibility of configuration without sacrificing functionality so you can meet the needs of your individual agency and customer needs.

Client Impact Story

An integrated approach for maximum results​

We developed a comprehensive Licensing, Permitting and Inspections (LPI) solution for a construction Licensing, Permitting and Inspections (LPI) agency in Arizona that dramatically improved their workflows and internal efficiencies.

Estimated savings of 6,000 hours of manual processing

$100k annual savings by removing 3rd party application

Renewal reminders via texts and emails delivered a 35% reduction in application deficiencies

Reduced returned or rejected mail by $25k

Game-changing features for both your business and your licensees

Dynamic Online Portal

Give users a personalized, dynamic online experience with 24/7 access to services with desktop, tablet, and mobile interfaces. Personalize their flow and sequences based on their individual profile, responses, and inputs.

Configurable Workflow Automation

Automate manual functions through workflow triggers based on events and statuses. Eliminate data entry and scanning of paper requests and automate hand offs between departments based on conditional situations and easily reconfigured as needed.

Automated Email & Text Notifications

Reduce your manual labor and improve customer communication and transparency by automatically notifying customers of updated statuses and required actions.

licensing salesforce solution

Robust Inspection Module

Increase productivity with the ability to schedule an inspection, optimize the in-person inspection routes, and provide offline capabilities to track the inspection results. Virtual inspection functionality allows inspector and investigators to complete an inspection when in-person is not required or not an option.

Key Integrations

Pull and push information from other agencies and vendors, such as background checks, exam results, experience, etc.

Payment Solution

Customize your fees schedule and integrate it with your statewide billing system.

Detailed Metrics & Reporting

Configure dashboards ​and reports so you can proactively monitor, measure and control your workflows with operational KPIs.

Individualized Employee Views

Configure Salesforce screens for your individual needs so employees have quick access to what they specifically need.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Easily collaborate with internal teams during application processing to get collective inputs or assign tasks on a specific application.


Service & Maintenance Support Plans

Add on a service or maintenance plan to support your internal teams or handle the projects that meet your business needs.

A solution that works for your agency and your budget.