MGMA 2019 – A Chance to Share Our Partnership

MST Solutions at the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) annual conference in New Orleans this year.

MGMA 2019


I had the great opportunity of giving a session presentation entitled “Preventing Burnout: Digitally Transforming Provider Recruitment, Engagement, and Retention“ at the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) annual conference in New Orleans. MGMA is an organization that focuses on the business side of healthcare. It’s a sizable organization with membership from all different sizes of healthcare delivery organizations and payer organizations alike. The conference is a mid-sized event with about 3,300 attendees. Our session had just over 100 in attendance.

Bethany Liebentritt (Vice President of Physician HR at Banner Health) and I delivered an hour-long presentation that focused a lot around our PPME (Provider Pre-Employment Made Easier) project and digital transformation that we were bringing to the Recruitment, Pre-Employment, and Onboarding experience for both staff and candidate providers. As we had hoped, our focus on holistic model of physician well-being (i.e. the solution to burnout) combined with a strong end-to-end model of the employed physician journey resonated with many the audience, and set a good basis to share the detailed solutions were bringing to the front end of the journey. Previewing many of the capabilities were are delivering with PPME, we found ourselves well-received with a group that could relate our content to their own worlds. All-in-all, it was great experience and a successful presentation.

After the presentation, we had a several different people come up to follow-up, ask additional questions, and invite us for further follow-up with their organizations. The feedback, beyond the customary “nice job” on the presentation was very eye-opening, and reminded once again of why many of the values of MST resonate with me. Multiple individuals remarked that they felt our presentation was great not necessarily because our delivery was spectacular or that our content represented mind-blowing new concepts. Rather they noticed the substance and detail we were able to share in comparison to what they said they typically see at conferences. High concept, academic theory, and design-level presentations are often to be found and do, in fact, present well. However, as we spoke with the audience members after, three separate individuals representing provider organizations remarked that they valued the detail and that they could envision how something similar could be done in their settings. However, the most eye-opening feedback came when a consultant representing an unnamed member of the big four, came to speak with us. His feedback that it was amazing to see a digital transformation actually happening in this space – as was such a rarity – was most enlightening. This is someone who is part of a mature and successful Healthcare with access to broad spectrum of clients. For our work to standout as unique progress to him definitely says something about our partnership with Banner Health and the work we’ve been able to accomplish together.

It is not only that we are able to progress in a space where digital transformation has apparently been difficult to actually realize, but indeed that the MST Way of engaging our customers, of truly learning their businesses, and working for mutual, positive business outcomes is a worthwhile endeavor that can lead to success in the marketplace. The feedback and message that the attendees representing various organizations (and even our nominal competitor) value the substance of detail and the authenticity of citing real world work cements for me the idea that MST has found success to date by staying to true the Spirit of Humility, living the Culture of Service, and modeling Pride in Ownership, and that if we remain faithful to our core values both MST and our clients will continue to see increasing, mutually positive outcomes as we grow.

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Founded in 2012, MST Solutions is the largest independent Salesforce consulting partner in the American Southwest region. With Summit level status in the Salesforce ecosystem and a 5 out 5 Customer Satisfaction score, they’re service experts who take service to a whole new level. Through the framework of a proven effective Roadmap to Results, their team of Salesforce architects, developers, project managers, and administrators add their expertise to your team to craft agile, innovative solutions that answer your organization’s operational challenges today and grow as you grow.  

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