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MST Solutions Introduces New Cloud Platform for Licensing Agencies

The MST Licensing Solution for Salesforce brings automation and cloud computing to the cumbersome licensing process

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MST Solutions, a leading Salesforce CRM and marketing automation consulting partner, has just introduced its MST Licensing Solution for Salesforce, a new, all-in-one, cloud platform built specifically for licensing agencies to enable them to automate the licensing, permitting and enforcement process, and support virtual operations.
The proprietary cloud-based solution alleviates the agency’s reliance on manual, paper-based and in-person processes, allowing for a fully virtual workforce, application and approval process, and customer experience, which has become mission critical in recent months. It is also fully configurable, enabling agencies to quickly respond to changes to statutes and requirements, and continually evolving workflows. On the customer side, a dynamic online portal gives applicants the ability to complete the process online, while also providing an intuitive, personalized experience.

“Today’s licensing agency leaders are feeling the pain of having to do more with less,” said Brian Kirby, director of strategic licensing solutions at MST Solutions. “Budgets and staff are on the decline, yet the number of permitting and licensing requests continues to grow. Licensing leaders are being asked to turn licenses faster, but with fewer resources. Customers are expecting government to operate more like private sector with 24×7 access to all services and easy to navigate processes. Our goal was to create an easy-to-implement solution that took direct aim at these challenges and provide a way to solve these pains quickly, and affordably. This solution is the culmination of years of first-hand experience in the licensing sector, and thousands of hours spent with those on the front lines to analyze their needs.”

With the MST Licensing Solution, agencies are saving an average of 6,000 hours per year and reducing deficiencies by an average of 35 percent. Other key features of the platform include:

  • Integration capabilities to enable easy background checks and verifications
  • Auto notifications and renewal reminders
  • Configurable Salesforce dashboards and reports to identify potential issues before customers are impacted
  • Virtual inspections
  • Payment solutions that integrate with the statewide billing system

To learn more about the new, cloud-based platform or to schedule a demo, visit

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