MST Solutions Recognized for Business Diversity in Action

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce Community Award recognized MST Solutions for their outstanding contributions to the community and for striving to make Chandler a great place to work.

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce Community Award recognizes local businesses for their outstanding contributions to the community and for striving to make Chandler a great place to work. MST Solutions was one of the companies awarded and was recognized for putting business diversity into action.

The criteria for this award consists of a variety of achievements such as: demonstrating a commitment to promoting a diverse workplace environment, maintaining a record of accomplishments in areas of diverse management, recruiting, and leadership, while also demonstrating dedication to using the power of corporate decision making as a tool for sustainability and corporate citizenship.

Diversity in a workplace supports positive environmental, employee, economic, community, and social growth. MST Solutions demonstrates diversity taking place in the workforce by meeting the criteria mentioned by the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, but by also going above and beyond the minimal requirements.  Diversity is shown in the company by encouraging and supporting colleagues while taking everyone’s different opinions into account to reach the same shared goal.

MST Solutions takes pride in its diversity. Pride in ownership involves being passionate about growing MST, and to do this it involves a company investing time into acknowledging diversity. Thiru Thangarathinam, Founder and CEO of MST Solutions states that “while celebrating the amount of growth we have had, we also wanted to ensure that we had a strong foundation for future growth that was inclusive of everyone, regardless of gender.’’ Gender is an aspect of diversity, and MST Solutions strives to strongly participate in promoting gender equality.

While the company focuses on equal pay for genders, they don’t stop there. Thiru Thangarathinam states that the company’s success is due to what he calls the three C’s, customers, colleagues, and community. Leading the push to promote Women in Technology throughout the Southwest is driven by his passion to make the local community a better place.

Diversity provides many benefits in the workplace ranging from brand and customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and open to aspects of creativity and innovation. MST Solutions continues to incorporate these benefits in the work force, and Thiru also believes that it “felt like we were doing a good job but know that diversity and inclusion is a continual process and will remain a top priority for us,” in order to create positive business outcomes.

About MST

Founded in 2012, MST Solutions is the largest independent Salesforce consulting partner in the American Southwest region. With Summit level status in the Salesforce ecosystem and a 5 out 5 Customer Satisfaction score, they’re service experts who take service to a whole new level. Through the framework of a proven effective Roadmap to Results, their team of Salesforce architects, developers, project managers, and administrators add their expertise to your team to craft agile, innovative solutions that answer your organization’s operational challenges today and grow as you grow.  

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