Our Process

How we work is intrinsically tied to why we do what we do.

What we do.

At MST Solutions, we build, retrofit, and repair Salesforce tech stacks to suit YOUR company’s unique needs both today and down the road.

A modernized company today will use a combination of cloud technology, SaaS providers, integrations, and even legacy systems to operate. The total number of different platforms, softwares and integrations often number in the hundreds for a single company. Worse, if a tech stack grows in an ad hoc fashion, without a knowledgeable, long term development partner – as is so often the case with businesses today – vital data, money and time can get trapped within it, hampering growth and productivity.

Why we do it.

Right Sized Team For the Job

Right Sized Solutions

Right Priced

Tech solutions are only useful when they push data through to where it can readily be accessed, help people work smarter, reflect your core values, grow as the needs of your organization grows, and do so without unnecessary expense. 

Our mission is to assist you in building a Salesforce platform that achieves these objectives. We don’t sell one-size-fits-all technology. We craft solutions that last, and it’s YOUR needs, and your customers’ needs, that drive those solutions.

How we do it.

The framework through which we design and implement tech solutions – our proprietary roadmap – ensures that we’re in sync with your organization’s unique needs, answer your operational challenges today, and set a foundation to scale for the future. 

Whether it’s a full build or a fast tracked integration project, we meet your needs with the right sized team and right sized solutions.

Here’s a glimpse into how our proven successful Roadmap to Results framework guides our teams to agile, custom solutions.


Step one for us is always to listen with no ego and zero assumptions about what your organization needs. We assemble a task force that includes representation from across all departments in your organization.


We work with your task force to dive deeply into your existing operations and processes. From data analysis, strategic meetings to a full organizational canvass, we do what’s needed to gain a full picture of your current systems, operations, challenges, core values, and alignment needs.


Here’s where we often stand out from other software developers. We understand that your organization does not need a bloated tech stack and integrations that don’t fully deliver. When we design your custom Salesforce platform, it’s in collaboration with your team and your needs. No unnecessary software. No unnecessary costs.

Small enough to stay agile. Big enough to get the job done.


Our niche expertise is in transforming out-of-the-box software into custom solutions that solve your challenges today and scale as your organization grows. After design, we implement according to a strategy that fits your schedule and budgetary needs. 


Implementation can be complex. New technologies come with training and alignment challenges. You won’t be deserted. Built into our process is change management. We’ll help with training. We’ll help with an implementation that works for you.

What it's like to work together.

Your organization is unique. So are we! Let’s be unique together.

MST is your long term partner to develop a custom tech stack that works in concert with your evolving needs, maximizes your productivity, and takes full advantage of the latest innovations.