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Transforming the public sector

Guiding agencies through digital transformations focused on sunsetting legacy technology, improving operational efficiency and modern digital solutions for citizens

Where do you start to make it better?

Confronted with decades-old legacy technology and an inability to serve your customers and constituents the way they expect.

The challenge of empowering staff to innovate while current technology widens the engagement and inefficiency gap.  As a result, you don’t know where to begin, how to scope the first project, how to find an experienced partner that understands your business as much as the technologyThis can lead to your citizens feeling under-served and frustrated. and employees struggling with a lack of capabilities to do their jobs well and stuck with the status quo.  

Leverage our industry knowledge and implementation expertise to operate smarter, achieve more, and improve services.

Raise the bar on your operational efficiencies

Leave behind the technology that prevents you from serving your customers efficiently. Begin by working with our team to help scope a project that provides quick value and continue to add value incrementally from there. By investing in a platform and using platform development best practices, your agency can realize value sooner than later.

Get project buy-in and strategic support

Leverage our experience of working side-by-side with the public sector to help you articulate the path toward digital transformation in a thoughtful agency-specific plan. Let us help you connect, and win, with internal stakeholders and external constituents.

Understand and master the implementation process

Let our expertise be your guide so you can gain knowledge in initiating, procuring and implementing projects in the public sector, where our sector experts can help you formulate an implementation plan that is cost-effective, and value-driven.

We know that efficiency is key in the public sector.

The government sector relies heavily on support during the implementation process. We’re well-versed in managing effective programs and projects that ensure long-term adoption of the Salesforce platform. For you, this means an open door to leveraging our insights for efficient project management and the advantage of partnering with a company that prides itself on honesty, transparency, and the ability to navigate through potential challenges, dedicated to leading you to successful outcomes.  

Your Roadmap to Results

A proven methodology that gets you there

It’s easy to connect with customers and constituents when you have the solutions that meet the unique needs of your agency and its members. Our Three D approach identifies pain points and builds solutions to eliminate them, increasing your productivity.

Relationships built on a foundation of strategy

As Salesforce experts, we guide our clients from requirements definition scope selection to implementation, training and org change management to maintenance. Our deep experience working across various state and local agencies coupled with Salesforce consulting expertise provides the partnership and team to guide your agency through modernization. Delivering commercially off the shelf solutions to power new services and engagement with the customer is where we thrive.

MST specializes in the following agency solutions:

Customer Service, Electronic Applications & Call Center – Serving your customers when and how they want through customer service solutions including case management, self-service web portals and other modern solutions. 

Licensing, Permitting & Investigations – Serving commercial, professional and regulatory boards and commissions to qualify, enforce and manage licensure  

Workers Compensation – Providing modern workers comp solutions that enables compliance, efficiency in claims processing and collaboration with the constituent community 

Economic Development – Delivering solutions that manage programs and reports key performance metrics and innovating  through process and tech to unleash business attraction and expansion strategies 

Strategic IT Portfolio Planning – Delivering statewide IT governance tools where strategic plans are submitted, managed and aggregated for reporting and analysis.  

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