Considering Health Cloud? What You Need to Know First.

First, is Salesforce Health Cloud Right For You?

Are you looking to expand the capabilities of your EHR? Many healthcare IT teams are looking for a way to keep pace with ever-evolving changes in the industry and to deliver more interconnected experiences for patients.

Rather than adopt an entirely new system or completely overhaul an existing healthcare IT platform, many are exploring integrations with cloud-based systems like Salesforce Health Cloud. But is it right for your organization?

What you need to know before integrating with it.

Just as no single system will provide an all-encompassing solution for the complex challenges within healthcare, Health Cloud is no different. This guide will give you a deeper understanding of how Health Cloud can fit into your organization and if it’s the right solution. It will also explore:

  • What Health Cloud is and what it isn’t
  • The complexities of integrating with it
  • How to identify if your organization is ready for Health Cloud
  • How to prepare for an integration


It also includes a readiness assessment to determine if your organization the infrastructure to integrate with Health Cloud.

Download the guide