MST Solutions Broker Onboarding Portal Accelerator

With data coming from numerous, disparate sources and a mostly manual application process, health insurance organizations struggle to keep pace with onboarding and continual training for insurance brokers and broker agencies. Support teams find themselves overwhelmed, causing delays and data inaccuracies.

Using Salesforce’s intelligent platform and apps like Salesforce Health CloudMuleSoft, and Vlocity Health, we have built a Broker Onboarding accelerator that automates and manages the registration and onboarding process. This accelerator allows brokers to have at-their-fingertips control over their own onboarding process, creates clarity around what is needed to complete registration, and provides intuitive dashboards for continual training, assessments, and additional features for FMO’s. 


  • Field Marketing Organizations 
  • Managing General Agents 
  • General Agents 


  • Broker registration and onboarding for FMO’s, MGA’s, and GA’s 
  • Broker bona fides collection dashboard with upload screens for necessary documents 
  • Training documents upload and assignment to brokers as needed 
  • Front End customizations for building questionnaires, assessments, and quizzes 
  • Automation of Assessment attestation, results and review screens. 
  • Dynamic, intuitive dashboards and step-by-step, guided workflows 
  • Automated application submission and sync with Salesforce 
  • Post submission portal with access to forms, assessments, training materials, and additional features for FMO’s. 
  • Compliance with current regulations and security needs 


Building block technology ensures that the Broker Portal accelerator meshes seamlessly with our other accelerators and Salesforce. Extend your reach and scale operations when you need it, where you need it.  

This offering is adept at managing broker registration, assessment, and onboarding. It allows FMO’s, MGA’s, and GA’s to register, enter and upload necessary information, complete questionnaires and assessments, receive training, and access information directly through a series of intuitive dashboards. It also creates customization features and automated workflows for support staff to easily process applications. Full system integration ensures real time sync with Salesforce, and accurate analytics and reports for all concerned constituents.  


  • Streamlines and maximizes efficiency around the broker onboarding process 
  • Reduces application errors and missing information with standardized intake forms 
  • Lifts burden away from support teams 
  • Creates better quality data for data driven decision making and moves data as needed in real time with powerful system integration 
  • Reduces costs through elimination of legacy technology, and overuse of third-party applications 
  • Serves as a major interface for brokers to complete necessary assessments, access training, and add additional brokers to the system (FMO’s). 


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