The Long Game

One of the key tenets that we advocate for at MST Solutions is to always play the “Long Game”.

Search Engine Optimization Concepts and Techniques

SEO –Search Engine Optimization, the goal of this article is to discuss the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization techniques so that anyone can build the strategy to bring more traffic to their website. Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your site listed up in search results which are actually getting your site indexed by a search engine.

DATA.COM delivers leading business data to Salesforce. Through the, our Sales and Marketing teams have all the information for converting leads, closing deals and continuing the customer relationships. 

Mail Merge

The mail merge is a process of creating form letters and Microsoft word documents which are tailored based on the recipient’s need. we can keep variables in mail merge document and those are called as merge fields. These merge fields get values form each of the specific records.

Lead Management in HubSpot

To capture a lead from a website, we can use any customized form or HubSpot form in our website. we just need to add the tracking code along with the tracking code of HubSpot.

Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein Lead scoring is an efficient part of Sales Cloud Einstein. It is simple, faster and more accurate than the other rules-based lead scoring approaches. .

Making Marketo Smart Campaign Smarter (More Sales)

Smart Campaign is an important and core concept in Marketo. It is used to do most of the marketing activities such as sending emails, scoring leads, updating field values. and much more complex jobs.

Sales Path

Sales Path is a visual assistant that guides reps through each of the stages required to complete a Sale to increase close rates. Previously Sales Path was available only for opportunity for mobile user. Now it is also available for Desktop users for Opportunity and additionally Leads too.