Controlling Event Flow in Mule

In this article, we will see what routing is and the controlling event process in the flow.  ROUTING  Routers send events to one or more groups of event processors. We can route messages to different destinations in a flow. Some routers use logic to analyze and transform messages before routing occurs.  Routing an event between […]

Twilio SMS API integration with Mulesoft

Introduction:  In this article , we will demonstrate how to use Twilio API for sending SMS using Mulesoft.  Architecture Diagram:  Prerequisite:  1, Need to have an active account in Twilio.For new Account, signup here.  2. In Anypoint studio, add Twilio connector module from exchange.  Implementation:  Preparing payload for sending SMS through Twilio API   Here, we […]

Google BigQuery Connector

The Google BigQuery connector allows users to perform different operations on the Google BigQuery instance from Anypoint Platform/Anypoint Studio. BigQuery is Google’s fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost analytics data warehouse. The connector exposes Google BigQuery operations by executing their API calls as per configuration. It supports various operations related to Dataset, Table, Job, etc.

API Library – Reusable Component

In this article, we will discuss the RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML). It is an open-specification language which is built on top of YAML, wherein JSON is used for describing RESTful API resources.

Secure Configuration in Mule 4

This article will discuss various types of ways we can do secure configuration in the Mule projects. we have taken a few areas as listed below.
• Securing environment properties.
• Securing property files.
• Brief information about securing cloud hub

MuleSoft and Integration Testing using POSTMAN Tool

This article provides fundamental details about integration of MuleSoft and Salesforce and how the integration can be tested using POSTMAN tool. It introduces MuleSoft–which is an integrated software–and Salesforce CRM. In addition, a brief description about basic MuleSoft terms are also explained. Now, let us explore the MuleSoft-Salesforce integration and testing it using POSTMAN tool.

MuleSoft Integration Testing Using MUnit Tool

MUnit is a framework provided by MuleSoft to perform the unit testing and integration testing. It validates the flow in MuleESB and provides set of tools (connectors), such as a Message Processor mocking tests to make Automation easy.

Integration Using Mule ESB

Mule ESB is lightweight but highly scalable, allowing you to connect more applications using platform of Anypoint Studio for exchanging data. Also, its easily reuses the existing services or connections and there are many new technologies that the applications use, including JMS, web services, JDBC, HTTP and more.