Conga button for downloading the record and related records as PDF 

Using Conga composer, we can download the parent and the related child records as a PDF.  Conga composer is a document generation tool that helps us to automate and build documents. We can generate the document with a single click on a button.  Prerequisites:  Install the Conga composer package.  Steps to create Conga button:  Open […]

Customizing Salesforce Survey with Dashboard

The Surveys highlight is closely connected with the Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud, released in Spring ’18. Salesforce Surveys empowers you to make decisions based on the survey results, utilizing a simple editor inside your Salesforce Org.

Salesforce Service Cloud Console Application

The service cloud console is a simple customer support application to track and resolve cases. All the tools are at your fingertips to ensure proactive participation in the conversations about your products and services.